I sit here with sadness

Why, do you say…

The need to be the richest, the most famous, have the best or the most.

I simply, do not understand this at all.

It says to treat others as you would like to be treated, but instead we get lost in the world of haves and have nots.

I could have a trillion, but to me, as I sit questioning what I just wrote. It means nothing, I still see and have no desire, for fancy cars, for big mansions, or for jewels.

My desire is the love of my father, the only thing that fills my heart, he is my desire. He is my light, in my past, when I felt I was on a path of darkness, he is where my path now leads. His light shone brighter and brighter, leading me here, today and for tomorrow.

I know, I stand on the belief that his words, that all of it rings true. His words, for my life, are loud and clear.

I have been told many times, people see me with lots of wealth, but as I sit and shake my head. I still will be the bargain hunter, I know that I hate to my very core, people who waste and boast.

For to me, if your not boasting about the father, then your on the wrong channel..

So Lord, I know its coming, for I feel it strongly today. But, please do not let me go, I would rather hand it back to you, than loose what I have now.

It is about being a responsible Christian and I believe your living word, I put it into practice all the time and for that, I already have wealth beyond measure.


How many times will history repeat…

I was watching a show called Travel Guides and they visited Cambodia.

What got me was the day before we saw on the news, people being paraded in China for not following the law and photos put up with this list, I know my voice may seem insignificant, but I believe many see the same thing aligning.

Now, the familiar seemed to be, people in Cambodia were tortured, twice a day for up to 4 months, until they repeated the words, or confessed to a lie by force.

How many times does history show, Communism doesn’t work, it is inhumane, it always seems to be a power trip, but in Cambodia over 1 million died. And all we remember is this, another mass waste of life, that go on and affect families, that did nothing, to deserve it.

Humans are not robots, history shows, all we do now is come together to show respect to the lives lost. Isn’t maturity showing that, we agree to disagree and if no ones agrees with this particular post, that’s OK too.

Lord how many have to die, you suffered because those in power, knew not what they did. They saw you as a threat and thought, taking you out removes the risk. But, they did not know that you are not dead, you have risen, that you are the son, the king of kings. And when you return to this earth, wow, are they in for a shocker.

Today, people are suffering again, how blinded can power be. The enemy working in them, the demonic realm taking control and trying to enforce his will, through them again.

Lord I pray for freedom, to live the life, you mandated over the lives of your people. I pray for their liberty, I pray that what you did for me and those that have given themselves to you, will continue and not die in vain. I pray for justice, as you said to me that day, “Justice is done on earth as it is in heaven”.

Lord, you took back the keys, I ask you to use these to unlock anything that is causing any harm to those people who are yours and yours alone.

Yes, I know it reads we will come to a point of the same threat, to loose our life or bend to there will. Lord you also say, we will rise again, and live with you for a thousand years. So when will they realise, we have nothing to fear….

Do you get asked what you want?

Now, on Saturday and Sunday mornings, I try and get up and make a cuppa and sit back in bed.

What I do is, say my good mornings to all and start to pray or talk with Yahweh.

Now, sometimes I feel the question, what do you want. What is something you can think of right now, you have wanted and need?

And, how many times do I receive it. This I cannot tell you, but when you have a relationship with the father, it opens heaven, it opens your receivership.

So, if you make time for him, he will give you what you need or want, depending on what it is, but always remember, dad knows best.

And be grateful and shout it out, for his loves abounds in many things.

We are not all the same…

I was asked by a friend yesterday, to pick her up and take her to the shops.

She wanted to buy me something and I said to her, they make the same thing, but we are not all created equal.

For example, undies, some people have pointy or round, or wider backsides. We are all different and especially us girls after, having children.

And depending on your requirements, riding horses, runners, bed time etc etc etc.

Its because we are all different, so makers need to take heed.

But, this makes us unique, this is what Hitler didn’t get, trying to control, which is an illusion to the power hungry.

If we were all the same, how boring, but that would not have made him any better or more powerful, it just made him the biggest fool.

I like how I am different to other siblings, I like how and this came to my thought this morning. My mum said, “I only had two children, Larry and you”. At the time I could not understand how she could say that, but as you get older, your understanding widens. And, I know if she was hurt deeply, that was it, Fort Knox was erected and she was done for eternity.

I like the fact, I am comfortable with myself, yes I could loose weight, but until this lap band is out, I am not pushing my luck. But that time is coming, and luckily he keeps showing me, how much I will soar afterwards.

I love, that I have somethings that others can never touch, and in my fathers eyes, that makes me feel special. I never want to let him down, for it is a humble gratefulness that I hold dear.

So, if your different, that does not mean you have a mental problem, weight problem, feature problem.

Your just you, and if the father loves you, and other than requiring help from doctors, depending on whatever it is.

Your beautiful, by just being YOU…

How simple is flavour

Every Xmas, I make my mothers roast veggies, when I am invited to a certain place, I wait and the request comes and it makes me laugh.

Because, mums way is old fashioned and only happens once a year, but the flavour surrounds you with a warm hug.

I think of restaurants and how they try, with decor or plating etc, but simple old fashioned flavour you cannot beat.

I know when I was younger, I thought that the old ways, were worn out and needed tweaking. But, realising now, it is all brain washing, I know how flavour works, respect is key.

And with the Lord, his ways, are not out dated, they are really relevant to today. Back when he walked the earth, the atmosphere, his presence, the flavour of our course, was set in place.

And then we came along, thinking it was just another old story and was not relevant to us.

But, the truth is, IT IS all relevant, the virus now, the one where it says that, 10,000 will fall each side of us, but believing it will not come near us. That is relevant, his warnings, all of it, it is all relevant and when we realise this and stop, using our eyes to see, then things will show, that they have been set, our little bit, our mandate has the flavour.

Oh, I love you Lord, so much, thank you…

Xmas day

Yesterday, blessed me in so many ways.

You see the night before, I stayed up past midnight to wish Jesus a happy birthday. I always feel the need to extend this to him, because of what he has done for me.

And, invited to Xmas lunch, it was perfect, by just being what I would consider as normal. I was able to eat, which I prayed for, nothing worse than smelling something fabulous and not being able to taste any.

I admit, I do miss the hugs my son, use to give me. Because of his size, he is very tall, his hugs use to surround me and I felt loved. But yesterday as I was leaving, someone ran over to me and said, “Cya Bronie” and gave me that hug.

That means more to me, and the father knew it. I knew straight away, where it came from and for that I was blessed.

How blessing’s, touch my heart

It amazes me, watching people shop at this time of year. They go about, exhausting themselves, trying to make that one day perfect.

They try and give a gift, that touches the persons heart and then I think, or secretly hope of a little appreciation given back.

But, when the father, gives you a blessing, it touches your heart, not only when it happens, but every time you remember it happening.

A blessing is just that, whether its for you, or to you and when you think about it, its true.

A blessing can be a gift, but also a lesson, its your maturity and how you take it.

But never stop being humble, many fall down because of expectation, or I deserve it etc.

I keep going over about the 2 streams, what has frustrated me from very young, is why do adults think they are smarter than the father. Even living in the world, but quietly knowing the power and the truth, I knew that I would never be smarter than HE.

Why, is it because of money, is it because you get told all the time your super smart and you’ve become so self absorbed you now believe it and no one can correct you.

Remember you are a child of God, not his CEO, not HIS parent, but HIS CHILD. You and I learn every day, there is no vanity in how successful you may be or not.

He is your father, brother, husband all in, as you require to what ever is taking place in your life.

Its your character with him & in him, your honour and respect, your diligence.

So, count your blessings and always remember the many blessings, already bestowed on you…

Do you show respect?

Something that has always been instilled in my DNA is this.

Show respect, for someones character, for their position, especially when it is well deserved and listen, when you can bless them for it. It is not about what they have, how fancy they live, because that means nothing.

You see, a real leader, can get stuck in and knows there is no, I, in team. And when your in the fathers team, you have to realise this and show it.

You must respect the character of the person, placed in the position, that the father has chosen.

Now, I know many can look like wanna bees, but that is up to your intuition, to be shown where the father wants you placed.

But, I know how important it is, that you show, your own character every day, in trust, respect, honour, truth and all the good things, that you show in all that you do.

And, I always remember this, its about time, tithe and task. His DNA, works like a stream, it flows both ways, not only one way, like a river in the world.

And remember your Angels character, they are given positions because of this, not because of what they do, they are part of your immediate family, the family the father has given to you, sometimes, like my worldly one, it is dysfunctional, because of the situations that has come with time.

But those angels deserve your respect, they deserve you to put in the effort, to get closer to the father, to bring joy to the work, not only for what they have done, as you may have requested, but the work the father has instructed, two streams, not all about YOU.

I keep my listening stream open, I know the wave length, I keep tuned into. Something happened once, before, I went to church, before I locked into the father and gave myself over to his will.

You see, I may not have shared this with you before, but I use to live in a small country town, they use to have in the short main street. Two lanes on each side, but they went down to one, each side. I ran into a lady (Gwenie), I use to board with, I told her I was about to go over to the bank etc, ended the conversation, turned and this strong voice said to me, “Get out of here, NOW”. I took a quick look in the direction, knew how important it was to act, and instead of going over the road, I went left, into a lane, to the car-park. As I quickly walked, I heard a loud bang, she heard it too, knowing what I had told her.

A lady got hit by a car, now from that day, I knew it was my angel, my assigned angel and that I was warned, that it was no joke and I was to get serious, but I was smart enough to know, not to shut that door, the door of that frequency, that was opened to warn me.

Gwenie went back to see if it was me, as she told me, next time I saw her. I said to her, “you know me, so what I am about to say, may sound far fetched, but it happened”. When I told her, because of my conviction of the facts, and knowing my character, she believed every word I said.

So, know what respect means, get a little and show a little, it really isn’t hard to do.

Give yourself a little love, and own it

As I just posted on facebook, & key words popped out and this is from the deepest part of me.

It is not what you have, its how you present it (I was sharing my cooking hacks). And this may help others who need a little, self love.

I think its the same for me, yes I have the trackies and can speak like someone who fell off the back of a truck in the outback.

But I choose too, most of the time, take a little care, show love, not for others, but to me.

I can choose to be a dag or a bogan, or choose to show myself a little love & choose for me.

This has taken me time, I use to shy away from pink and bling or any kind of, anything nice, because I thought I was not worth it, I would say, I hated it and made a big No, towards anything nice.

Now, from the fathers guidance and his love guiding me little by little, I have embraced pink and the odd flower, I have embraced the acceptance of loving me.

I have never been one that has wanted, diamonds, mansions or fancy cars, not because I think I do not deserve them, but because I think of how much can be done, with all that wasted cash and remember, its not yours, but the fathers provision and what he says, goes.

So, at times I do wear daggy things, just to remind myself, when I look in the mirror, that what ever I wear.

It is OK, to love me…