I feel like I’ve been at a road block…..

Having a spiritual road block is hard, I have felt so low in energy.

I know I needed to pray with vigour, but nothing has seemed to budge it. I have been wallowing in my own self, very bad I do not suggest it at all. And yes I should have known better, when I get going I am a force to be reckoned with.

When I get pulled up, then I go ok, halt time. Which is extremely stupid of me, that I know. I wish sometimes I could just be!

Sounds simple, because I am in the process of the old me dying, still a little to go. I do feel a little lost, I am better when I have direction and I am producing something. Or I know what to do next, without that I am lost in space LOL.

Being at home in recovery has been mind numbing, I still have things on my course to finish, they came back with and that really disappointed me. I did feel like I failed in a way, I know, I know you don’t have to tell me. And yes, I have not been told that I have failed, thank you father for that.

I like to get it done and move onto the next thing, but I am learning sometimes I have to tweak things before I can say it is done.

I just got a revelation, that’s what the father does with us. He tweaks us until we are just right, yahoo hallelujah.

OMG I can be thick at times, sorry father yes still learning. Pastors message just clicking in. HAPPY DANCE TIME