Threatened hmmm

Many times in my life, I have been threatened, by someone. But on these occasions, even though it was shocking, I saw the work of the enemy.

And what do I do, time and time again, because I am his, his word, instantly goes into practice.

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but principalities and powers of darkness of this age.

So, I growl and say to myself “RIGHT”, you see you have to know how to fight.

I will not go out without making noise, I will not do anything illegal or physical unless I have to protect myself, but I will fight.

When the battle is on, do you run, or watch and work out how to FIGHT.

Think about it…pray about it

Virus cure…

Joy of the Lord, total belief of his word.

Know where you stand and stand on his word as his breath.

Every time I see the news, I laugh, not at anything other than knowing my dad is in CHARGE.

Praise, joy, laughter, and commonsense is my cure. Knowing my dad, no false God’s, only him.

The ONE TRUE GOD of all, because when the shit hits the fan, only God will save you.

Its time for your foundation to be shaken, and remove the false gods in your life, whether it be money, material possessions.

I call my harvest in, my harvest of faith, my harvest of what was stolen, the restitution of it all.


Its time for WAR

I have been talking to the lord and being shown, this is the enemy coming in.

Trying to change our way of life leading up to being more like a communist world and being forced to have a chip put in us.

This is a sign of the best, read revelations, and get busy.


If you want to win, then you have to fight, fight for your right and its not about your family etc, its about YOU.

He wants each of us, to put down what the enemy is trying to tell us. And fight, pray and do the will of the father.

Here is time for your faith to shine, to be a TRUE SON of GOD. And do what you need to do, not what others are.

Its time to fight for freedom…I am going to war tonight join me.

Act immediately & Just stand

When you go through the fire there is one thing to do, that is STAND.

Now many may just act and move, but I know if your told by God what to do, then do it.

The other day, after feeling icky when I went into the front room, these old dolls held a demonic atmosphere.

So, when prompted, I got them out of the house, in the car and down to the salvos.

You see, when God says something either direct or through someone, I immediately do it.

This not only shows, what is most important to him, but shows obedience and faith.

So, do what he requires and trust me when I say, nothing is immovable in your life.

But you MUST OBEY WHAT HE SAYS, even if it’s uncomfortable for a time.

Remember he know your life plan, he will not fail you, grow some balls and grab hold of him. Show your tenacity, for joy will come.

As I drove off from the salvos I laughed, because I love my dad more than anything I have in my possession.

The man with a foul tongue

Last week a man called a woman a B, then added something else.

I don’t care what she has done or not done.

Who are you to say those words, I commented.

Excuse me, that is not right to use that language, then he thought I would shut up if he went on.

No, I said regardless, what you said is not right especially in this day and age. And I won’t have it, you could have said, sorry none of your business and end of conversation.

I don’t care if you male or female, especially where we were, it was just wrong.

So have been saying, don’t take cares from others, say no, but I will bless your day.

If you don’t like that, then don’t talk to me.. simple..

How can you be alone?

Sometimes I feel the world judging me, but I really do not care.

Because, there is only one to answer too.

The world sees me alone and unloved. What a lie, he loves me just as I am, I am so surrounded by angels etc, that I am never alone.

Its about your perceptive, don’t limit him and don’t let the lies of the enemy tell you your not.

We have a right, to be seen, to be heard, but only when HE chooses. Not living by what the world dictates.

The rain has gone for now, the sun is shining and I feel his presence. I am the daughter of the living God, I am who I am intended to be and I will silence the enemy.

I use to be a yes person, you get groomed to just say yes, even when you scream NO. So now, you say anything that he does not agree with and you dish my father, then its on.

Its on, in the right way, not the worlds way. Time and time again he deals with those who are trying to hurt me and I fear for them.

He is my father and a jealous God, he will deal with anyone who tries to take me down. He has given warnings, I have had to say to those I worked with, if you have a beef with me, come and lets talk, but DO NOT go behind my back. Because he will deal with you and I don’t want to see you get hurt.

Yes I have scared people, but the truth is just that. They know after a while, he will make a way.



I was watching a DVD someone lent to me. It was Jesse Duplantis and some of the things were extremely clear.

The things he said and the looks, great to laugh. One quote, “if you don’t know what you are, check your equipment, that will tell you”. I learned sometime ago, its not the body they have wrong, part of the brain had not developed.

So its the brain that needs tweaking, but only God can do that.

People pray to God as if he is way over there, when he is inside you. People curse, sin and do things but once they start to pray or go to church they act all good and gracious.

If he lives inside you he hears your curse and sees your sin.

When people are around me, they withhold, but he knew you before you were formed. Jesus took your sin, that includes being raped and all the diseases etc.

So why! What have you got to loose if your surrender, I know SELF, SELFISHNESS, ME, me me…

When you love him, it’s all easy. I am glad I have seen terror, why because what the enemy tries to throw at me. I say, go on, have a go, YOU MUG, for I know who I am, I know the power I hold, and have a father who loves me.

So back off if you know what is good for you, go try someone else, you retard…