Do you ever look behind?

Recently the politicians are on to attack each other, but I always go behind. Where are they going to get the money? Do they really understand the plan? etc

All my life, I look at what I see, then I must find out what is behind, what the information that is key for me to make a decision.

Always keep your eye on the ball, but always where the ball has been.

History and the word can give you great insight.


How to measure your riches

Regret is something we can carry for a lifetime.

Riches are taking pleasure in all things even the little and laughing.

My riches are my manners and empathy, drying herbs for the Pastor and growing his veggies, making people laugh and to enjoy BREATHING. Making relish and just thinking of others. Saving a butterfly stuck between doors and taking it outside, caring and seeing things others are blind too.

That is my joy, that’s my happiness and with the holy spirit, I can conquer all, in his name…

Its been a beautiful day, so enjoy it all.


It’s time & it’s a changing

I have learnt something, I wish everyone could hear. And I used that information, I felt the time was right, so I went into the court of heaven.

You must know the way, on how to do this, when I did it last, change happened within days.

The word says Proverbs 6 v31 if the thief be found he must restore seven fold. Well, how many have said this, and nothing happened. By his stripes I am healed etc, I believe every word, I believe they were for me and others.

I needed to silence the enemy, lay open all the hidden places. I had to stand for my rights, to change the future or set course for the destiny he has laid out for me.

One day I hope you can also do this, I know the switch is on and the word RESTORE was granted to me.

Now, I am on course and the world is my oyster, yahoo

To embrace, be open and engage

To bring on the change, that had to happen within me, I had too embrace the unknown, be open to let the father do the work and engage to receive.

These are keys that have formed within me and its been, hard to let him in. When for so long I was guarded against any hurt.

But the love from him, I knew this is what I had to do. You cannot get healing, change or restoration until you do. I am the evidence of this, I live because, I thought, he will not let me down.

Man does, he won’t, just trust him to do it, not to you, but FOR you.

We get things so confused and pick the negative first, but I always think, what would he do. What would he want me to do? these are questions that you need to ask.

If you have faith, trust and believe the word, THEN LIVE IT.

The enemy does not win, the blood is the evidence of VICTORY.