It’s time & it’s a changing

I have learnt something, I wish everyone could hear. And I used that information, I felt the time was right, so I went into the court of heaven.

You must know the way, on how to do this, when I did it last, change happened within days.

The word says Proverbs 6 v31 if the thief be found he must restore seven fold. Well, how many have said this, and nothing happened. By his stripes I am healed etc, I believe every word, I believe they were for me and others.

I needed to silence the enemy, lay open all the hidden places. I had to stand for my rights, to change the future or set course for the destiny he has laid out for me.

One day I hope you can also do this, I know the switch is on and the word RESTORE was granted to me.

Now, I am on course and the world is my oyster, yahoo


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