When you get a gift, take it…

I was given a book to read, which someone picked up from the op shop.

Sometimes I think the greatest gifts are those, you think are not for you, but turn out to be a wondrous surprise.

You see when I was told I had a mass, I was gifted peace. I had a knowing who was for me and I feared nothing. This wave that moves across the room and envelopes you.

Then in the epilogue of this book I read, this is the miracle of grace and grit, coming to say with joyous conviction, “Nothing can harm me, Nothing at all, I am loved by God!” from the book by Sue Monk Kidd.

I realised reading it that her walk or awakening was a lot like mine. Everything makes your aware of the father, every little thing is significant, in a way I cannot explain.

But if you get given something, push yourself, his gifts are in everything, whether it cost only 50 cents.

Grit is to hang on, to not back down, but hold your ground.

Marriage something clicked

I have been married and I watch certain generations and how they work well together, why their marriage works.

And someone said something the other day that made perfect sense.

Every decade we need to reset, because not only we change but others do too.

Our relationships change and the way be live.

Its true, you cannot expect someone to be the same as when we met, we grow, we develop and become wise.

We have children and I will never see that I have to bounce back, I grew a child inside and my body shows the evidence and I will not be ashamed because I do not conform to the way others think I should look.

I only concern myself with how my dad sees me, so I looked back and saw how far I have come, how I have matured and I feel so blessed for the journey I have made.

Made through trust, trust that the outcome has to be better than the memory of the past.

So if you agree then accept changes with the right attitude and let love settle in and comfort you.

Update about my miracle

As I think I posted before he has shown me the garbage of others I was carrying, and everyday I look in the mirror. I see change, slowly I am shrinking, and its not about what others want for me.

Its all him, its what he has done for me.

He is pleased with how I take things on, to face them and breakthrough.

Only with him by my side, can I know I have NOTHING to fear.

Then all falls into place and all I feel is JOY.

SO if you have something, speak to him now. Go find a quiet place, he is ready for you to come, for now is the time to worship, come now is the time to give your heart.

COME.. do not put him off till later.

Later won’t cut it, now will.

Not seeing me

It has been a life of not seeing me.

You see others would say things and it was if I was living inside a body that did not fit, what I saw.

Even when I was the correct weight, when the eyes you see through are like a lens that has not been cleaned, the vision is dis-taught ed.

And that has been my most recent insight.

Occasionally I see a glimpse of me and have known in a way why.

But I feel like my real self is finally coming forward and that is a real gift from the father.

So if anyone around you is doing the wrong thing, shout your truth and live the life you were meant to live.


God wants us on our knees

I strongly believe the only way through is on our knees.

This has been strong ever since this bug started.

He knows the works of the enemy, he knows what is going to happen for it tells you in the word, how they will want to put chips in us and want us to renounce what we believe.

It is all coming, BUT you have the opportunity to act NOW.

Many might not like president Trump, but God put him there for his purpose, so take his medicine.

You may not like Prime minister Morrison, but God put him there for his purpose and really YOU GOTTA TAKE IT, for we do not see what he sees.

WE do not know it all, so TRUST, trust that the working of the father is at hand and set up for us to move forward.

We are getting ready for the very best, but the worlds worst, so chin up and smile.

As it says, they may fall but no plague shall come near you.


Where I’m at..

Yesterday I had a visit and again I was shocked.

You see sometimes, I am able to look at myself and think well now, that’s new.

Something I have always been able to do, is remove myself and look from the other side.

I found yesterday, I remove myself from the emotion and think what would God do, he would see beyond the raw, yes there are times I have a good cry. But not often, because everyday I am aware of becoming stronger.

When you can grow in god and remove yourself from the effect, it is a bigger arena and another lesson learned.

Its like being able to see the trees and the leaves, sum it all up and read the messages, oh I just got the revelation.

Ooooh nice father.

You see when people speak, I hear the truth, that is what I am trying to say. Why am I able to do this, because I let him in, I have let my father train me.

I accepted all, that is when you get more than you ever thought possible..

Love my dad with all I have….

Act immediately & Just stand

When you go through the fire there is one thing to do, that is STAND.

Now many may just act and move, but I know if your told by God what to do, then do it.

The other day, after feeling icky when I went into the front room, these old dolls held a demonic atmosphere.

So, when prompted, I got them out of the house, in the car and down to the salvos.

You see, when God says something either direct or through someone, I immediately do it.

This not only shows, what is most important to him, but shows obedience and faith.

So, do what he requires and trust me when I say, nothing is immovable in your life.

But you MUST OBEY WHAT HE SAYS, even if it’s uncomfortable for a time.

Remember he know your life plan, he will not fail you, grow some balls and grab hold of him. Show your tenacity, for joy will come.

As I drove off from the salvos I laughed, because I love my dad more than anything I have in my possession.

Standing up for the word given

Many times things happen or I get something and I realise, the truth from him.

But we mere mortals have trouble deciphering the message, that is when you just gotta TRUST.

I know the first few times are hard, but then it clicks. Your trust in him, with all things.

His first words to me, “I will always look after you”. Next when I was asked to be filled, I kept saying, Lord I don’t know what to do, “just breath me in”.

Many times things are told to me, when I pray and demand an answer. But its going past the mere evidence in front of you.

I think that is where Mr Morrison is hard to understand, I see times when he is just looking forward, then believing and many cannot comprehend it.

But there are other times I feel he just sits still, not passing what he knows to get to God, to know Jesus etc.

I have had to make many decisions which may not seem right, but I know with every fibre why I have to do what he instructs.

I know those who cannot understand when I say I heard his voice, because they think the bible is just a book, but it says, the living God. He is not dead, I have faith because of what I have had to come through, he has never failed me.

And if you cannot understand, I pray that you will. Because being trapped in the world is not living, it is existing and their is much much more to come.

How do you pray…?

What I know when I pray, I may start with Father or Lord Jesus.

Sometimes I even say, dad lets have a chat..

Yes that simple, but I respect his advice, I respect that I don’t know how something will work out.

I love it when I hear him laugh, oh what a laugh.

What you need to do, is build a relationship with him.

Just be ready, to listen to him, not just ask all the time for yourself. Be a two way street and he will open you up beyond anything you now know.

Gosh I love him so very much. I love him for what he has done for me, even forgive me for what I have done. He truly loves you, in the purest way and its truly wonderful.

I sit here with tears running down my cheek, because of that love. It doesn’t cost either of us, its just mutual.