Marriage something clicked

I have been married and I watch certain generations and how they work well together, why their marriage works.

And someone said something the other day that made perfect sense.

Every decade we need to reset, because not only we change but others do too.

Our relationships change and the way be live.

Its true, you cannot expect someone to be the same as when we met, we grow, we develop and become wise.

We have children and I will never see that I have to bounce back, I grew a child inside and my body shows the evidence and I will not be ashamed because I do not conform to the way others think I should look.

I only concern myself with how my dad sees me, so I looked back and saw how far I have come, how I have matured and I feel so blessed for the journey I have made.

Made through trust, trust that the outcome has to be better than the memory of the past.

So if you agree then accept changes with the right attitude and let love settle in and comfort you.


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