Certain songs are trying to tell you something

When the war is over, got to start again.

Is that not so true about now, he has given us a special time and it was a war, than no one but him could see the enemy.

But the world will start again and hopefully more attune to what is right.

To save, to pay for that car or house, the one you need, not the one you want.

To be ready for anything, to set yourself apart from the others.

So when this war is over, reset and start again.

But never forget to make more time for him.

When I get angry

Sometimes when I get angry I cannot think clearly.

But what was annoying me was thinking of my son, now years ago I went away and my home was broken into. I thought it was my daughter and last night I realised my son was the only one who knew where I was.

I asked he said he didn’t but I know now that he knows who it was.

And I was angry because I go by the old way of thinking, you ask first. I am in position now that if anyone comes into my property and is not invited the law will deal with them.

I am done with people thinking they can take from me and I will not do anything, well not anyone, I am fighting back.

I am standing up for myself, when push comes to shove, I will use the whole team.

I am handing it over to the father, Lord Jesus you know who it was, bring this to justice and do what you see needs to be done.

I will agree with it, thank you.

Sending in the big guns….

Never stop believing

Never ever, ever stop believing in him.

Never allow the enemy or the world to stop you.

You have the capability to bring him forth, you have the ability to show the world what is the real reality.

He is awesome, I love him, I love the most simple things he shares with me.

He is tender, kind, strong and my reality.

Well now….

Well here we are in Victoria, in lock down, not allowed to leave the house except for essential shop one person once a day etc.

Get on your knees, how many times has he got to say it, got before the father, repent, you cannot go against God’s law and think all will be OK, it don’t work that way.

He will let you fall, like any parent, he will allow you to become broken. But when you cry out and surrender, he will then act for you.

It is simple, why is this world doing a titanic, we are smarter, we can build the best, we rule, etc.

All I can say is you idiots, you need to know better. For who created where you live, scientist say the world started with a bang, by whom….

Think about it, reality bites….

How an incident…

As I may have told you before, my car got marked as it was parked.

My problem was, you left and drove off. Which in Australia is unlawful, I was upset, then I found that it wasn’t the incident that was my problem, but my mouth.

I have a need for honesty, as I said, I am not unreasonable, we could have had a chat, if finances was the problem. But you left, you turned away at a time, that you could have used to build character and show humility.

So yesterday I was informed the outcome and I said to the officer, my driving force is for following the law, because in God if you cannot follow the law of the land, how can you follow God’s.

Well feeling peace, as I was turning I saw the man that walks around with his shopping trolley full of his worldly goods. I was moved to talk to him, see if he was OK.

I stopped and wanted to make sure he had a mask, as in Victoria it is now compulsory. But as I drove off, thinking about my stomach, God pressed on me to ask him about his. So I drove back, “Sir would you like me to buy you some KFC”, I could see he was considering he wondered the time as we chatted and I asked if he wanted something else. I have always felt you should never assume you know better.

He started talking about a rice place and their fried rice, I asked if he would like that instead, he told me the cost and that he loved prawns. I said to him, its OK, his belly was more important than mine, I rang the number and put in the order, I said to him I would be back, I grabbed spoons, forks, chopsticks and napkins, and went back.

He was like a little kid, so happy, but then I thought to pray. I did say to him, “be blessed” but in that it seemed so trivial to say.

I kept praying as he stayed in my thoughts, I think he would have rathered me to stay and just spend time, have real fellowship. Trust me when the father makes another time, I am back there again.

I felt glad that in my town, they make it available, to have a shower and a warm bed at night. This I was told happens in the churches, they take turns.

But what about them, again presuming your being a goodie two shoes, and not really touching the surface. I was glad of what I felt instructed to do, but what I could do more of.

You see I come from having just enough, sometimes hunger would be a friend and that is where you grow. I am in no way financially any better than how I grew up, but I got last night, do not think about how you will eat etc, does not God feed the birds of the air.

He is there to remind us, that what we have is nothing, but having the father is more wealth than money. I saw as I drove off another car stop, I hope we start to adopt him and concern ourselves with his day, not ours.

It reminds me of when houses are knocked down, for someone to build to make money. How I would love to be able to house people who need it, not those who really do not.

When you get a gift, take it…

I was given a book to read, which someone picked up from the op shop.

Sometimes I think the greatest gifts are those, you think are not for you, but turn out to be a wondrous surprise.

You see when I was told I had a mass, I was gifted peace. I had a knowing who was for me and I feared nothing. This wave that moves across the room and envelopes you.

Then in the epilogue of this book I read, this is the miracle of grace and grit, coming to say with joyous conviction, “Nothing can harm me, Nothing at all, I am loved by God!” from the book by Sue Monk Kidd.

I realised reading it that her walk or awakening was a lot like mine. Everything makes your aware of the father, every little thing is significant, in a way I cannot explain.

But if you get given something, push yourself, his gifts are in everything, whether it cost only 50 cents.

Grit is to hang on, to not back down, but hold your ground.

Spending your life ready for war

It has struck me that, all my life I have been ready. Ready to knock back, when someone is going to hurt me, or too nice, which would lead to hurt.

I have an ability to read people, especially thinking of a child of mine. I see patterns in people, a familiar pattern that ticks over and over and over.

So, all my life I knew I was ready for war, ready for the battle I have had to face.

So when my dad says, “I will protect you, you don’t need to do it anymore”. It is hard to switch off, it is hard, but I have seen him go into battle on my behalf.

I have seen him, step up and say, do not touch her and then put the action into it.

As I was posting my last message and thinking of a certain point in my life, he showed it to me again.

So instead of shutting down and sitting on time, I will respond and know he will act on my behalf.

I trust him, with all I have and could even imagine to have. That is the key, trust, then remember his words to you.

Right lest go….

How we adjust…

I was sitting up in bed this morning talking with the father, meditating and one word struck me, perceive.

I know I adjust myself to share with different ones, just enough because I seem to be on a wave length, that I cannot explain.

Or a spirit wave length if you will, I remember years ago I heard someone say, tune in like your tuning in a old fashioned radio. And that stuck with me, because I know he’s just there, beside me and not engaging with him would be such a waste of my life.

I felt this morning going into a deeper place, I struggle living in this world. Because I have tapped into his and I want to stay there.

Living a day to day life is nothing to me anymore, living and being with him is awesome. I cannot explain it, or try to write it down in words. He is beyond anything I have known before.

This morning he took me back, back to that first time I heard him. the time when he said to me, “Bronwyn I will always look after you”.

Ever since that day I held him in a secret place, but now I feel like I am living in it.

The book I am reading goes on about the Lords prayer, and sits on words and how meaningful. Like OUR FATHER, he is our father, he is all we are and will ever need. When people ask what is so great about him, with all I have I say, “but he’s my dad”, once I do that they cannot deny my belief.

I got that many many years ago, I got it when I was sitting in that paddock. I got that someone loved me and all my faults, I got a gift beyond any words.

“For I will leave a mark on you”, I demanded this, I demanded a mark that was between him and me. I did not care if anyone else knew, it didn’t seem relevant to them anyway.

But I said as I have shared before, I had one mole on my leg, I told him I wanted a triangle, one him, one Jesus and one the holy spirit. I still have them today, its my sign of that momentous occasion in my life.

It made me feel sad, that some go all there lives and never have anything like this, but I sit here and pray that he does. That he leaves his mark upon your life, that changes it for ever.

The world seems to pick on the ones who believe, but aren’t we suppose to be more blessed and more in him if we are persecuted like he was.

I sit here wiping away the tears, because his love is pouring out on me and I am overwhelmed.

I want to share his awesomeness with you and I cannot express it more than this, he is all you will ever want and all you will ever need. He is the most precious thing I have in this world. No diamonds or gems or money could ever be worth more to me.

He is (as I sob my little heart to him) all of me. My body cannot contain it, so it overflows.


Lesson learned

I have been asking and seeking, now I have my answer.
As a parent you love your kids, but can love them without the keys to life, then they grow and you see a side you do not understand or sometimes like.
So WHY came about, I wanted the answer, even if it hurt.
I have found that my child works on PRESUMPTION, that they will get what they want, but assumption is you get what you have not earned.
It’s like saying to a parent move out, give me your house etc, well my view is,
1. I ain’t dead yet
2. with that attitude I may not leave you anything, the key is it’s my house.
3. to respect authority, even if I do not agree, self control
What I am doing now is, trying to build character, I remember fighting (not physically or disrespectfully) to get my mothers trust. Even though I knew, I could be trusted, I had to earn it.
I had to take my frustration and strive, I had to humble myself and be grateful for what I got and when.
Not as I demanded it, I found out these last couple of days, that I have character, and the words of my mother ring true.
You never stop learning and only God knows it all.
Don’t repeat my mistake.