Is this it…

That is the question I have been asking myself, is it what you might wonder.

In the bible it more or less says that 1/3 of the population of the earth will cease to exist.

Now I do not know about you, but he warned our group, a prophetic word was uttered a couple of years ago.

Now some of us take the time to bag the older generation or dooms day preppers. But they at least made some form of move towards being prepared.

So, just be smart enough to not over eat, make up soups etc, things that you can stretch.

And keep clean, we have got a little lack-ct in that area, I use to work in the city. I would take wipes and clean everything, and not eat until I had cleaned my hands properly, now it will become the norm.

Be safe and believe he will take care of you.


Having him is all you need

Last night the message was clear, have a relationship with him an intimate relationship.

Talk to him, as your friend and father, invite him into your life.

When your driving, chat like your chatting on your mobile.

He is there and you will feel his presence, trust me.

Finally I am standing tall

Having hidden so long, I find things about myself everyday.

I am a smart intelligent woman.

I am a son of god.

I have a gift of interior decoration and design.

I believe my children will follow and receive the love of God.

I am very capable individual.

I will be healed.

I believe and I will receive…lol

Where I’m at..

Yesterday I had a visit and again I was shocked.

You see sometimes, I am able to look at myself and think well now, that’s new.

Something I have always been able to do, is remove myself and look from the other side.

I found yesterday, I remove myself from the emotion and think what would God do, he would see beyond the raw, yes there are times I have a good cry. But not often, because everyday I am aware of becoming stronger.

When you can grow in god and remove yourself from the effect, it is a bigger arena and another lesson learned.

Its like being able to see the trees and the leaves, sum it all up and read the messages, oh I just got the revelation.

Ooooh nice father.

You see when people speak, I hear the truth, that is what I am trying to say. Why am I able to do this, because I let him in, I have let my father train me.

I accepted all, that is when you get more than you ever thought possible..

Love my dad with all I have….

Love covers all

Many times we say the word, like a parrot when life is going along all rosy.

But, when it gets tough the tough have gotta get hold and use the word we have at our disposal.

If you don’t then really what are you doing, when it comes to god, there are no grey areas.

Your love must show in evidence, whether YOU like it or not.

We want him when its convenient, but when it counts is when we have to tap in. When you surrender your life to him, you give up yours….

Act immediately & Just stand

When you go through the fire there is one thing to do, that is STAND.

Now many may just act and move, but I know if your told by God what to do, then do it.

The other day, after feeling icky when I went into the front room, these old dolls held a demonic atmosphere.

So, when prompted, I got them out of the house, in the car and down to the salvos.

You see, when God says something either direct or through someone, I immediately do it.

This not only shows, what is most important to him, but shows obedience and faith.

So, do what he requires and trust me when I say, nothing is immovable in your life.

But you MUST OBEY WHAT HE SAYS, even if it’s uncomfortable for a time.

Remember he know your life plan, he will not fail you, grow some balls and grab hold of him. Show your tenacity, for joy will come.

As I drove off from the salvos I laughed, because I love my dad more than anything I have in my possession.


You may read some of my posts and think why, why is she being targeted with so many things.

To say I am a wimp is a lie, you see the enemy read my pages and is scared.

I am a MIGHTY woman of god and he is trying to stop me, well guess what I take no prisoners but I do, take it on and will win every time.

He is trying so hard in every way, but the more that comes against me, the more I get excited.

And no, I am not crazy, it shows me something extra ordinary is about to take place and he is trying to stop it.

You see the idiot which is the enemy is foolish enough to believe he is greater, but he lies to himself.

For none is greater than GOD JESUS & the HOLY SPIRIT. And that’s a fact Jack.. Aussie slang.