Prayer for Sarah

My daughter is fighting, she is about to be released from prison again, but she has an awareness of the spirit. When I dedicated her second child, she was hit in the doorway on her return, she knew the atmosphere changed.

And I know from experience all she has to do is give up and give in. We need to stand up for her to grasp what he has for her, she is the next generation and God can use her in the biggest way for her training of the world can help so many.

It has been a journey of lots of tears and me on my knees, but please pray for her.

I am breaking a cycle for her, to pick up and know just how wonderful her life can be, if she just goes before God.

This is her time, please pray she looks like a younger version of me, but has the familiar of her fathers line. But we must ask for this to be broken, so her DNA can be that of the her real father, Jesus.

I believe it for her future, please believe with me, for the doors to open for her to be shown to start anew.

Thank you


Do you really believe…

It is a fair question, I know that before I was all in for God and all that encompasses, I knew there was more to this life I live.

I am experiencing things that others know about, but are yet to grasp them.

I listen with my heart and spirit.

I move in spirit.

I live by faith.

I know who I am in Christ.

The key is not to try and know what is happening or about too. It is about TRUST, about you not using your brain, but shutting down the obvious and locking into his reality.

I never thought these words would ever come from within me, but I am in an amazing place, where I am experiencing things that only few are.

Just let go and let flow….

When God acts

I have had to put my trust in him, with nothing left to chance.

And I must not interfere.

I know its hard for a human mind to get it, but boy, do I get it on another level.

I must trust his process and plan, if I act out of emotion, then I fail.

And by the glory of God, I will not fail.

Let his hot coal touch your lips

Its interesting how little it takes to make someone pop, loose control and lash out.

But if you allow wisdom to come and I use to think of it this way, count down from 10 to 1. By the time your at one, you feel calm, if you are tuned in, your realise, no response is required.

Because when you respond you show immaturity and he wants maturity.

So by letting his hot coal touch your lips, your granted a gift. A gift is just that, something precious just for you, a gift of understanding, a gift of amazing that does not need to be shared.

Why, because no one can understand that magnitude feeling that is private between you and him. And sometimes, its just between you and him, decorum is key here.

Once I heard that word, I got to know it, for you sometimes need wisdom and decorum is part of that, knowing when to just sit back as a father would and watch.

Decorum, break it down, decor of life (how you need to decorate you actions in life), rum or run, don’t let self run away from wisdom. I see things as I believe he sees and I grab hold as a child. Grabbing onto the reality of his world and the way it is to work, not how nuts everyone else is.

I got confirmation

I think that many times I have tried to convey to anyone who is reading this blog. I do not like calling it that, because it is much much more.

I have been trying to tell anyone who will listen, the key to God is just this. You must face with an innocence, a willingness to face the hurts and not deny or run from them. Or even try to do something rather than face them, and by the glory of God you have too.

When we enter the brokenness and confront them with full honesty, then we will find his wholeness.

He has been calling me louder and louder and I have let certain things come in to muddy the water, like a dirty washing machine, but I feel like I have just put in fresh water.

I chose him, clear and loud. I said to someone, I am done, what I meant by that was, I am calling it, I am saying, go before the father on your knees. I am choosing him all the way, but you have to choose him, I could not say all that.

But what I have to do is now watch, watch and see the choices made. Then I will know and no if’s, I trust him, I trust him till eternity.

I trust him all the way, grab hold and do not give in….

God has a question for YOU

Hey now, if you read the bible and you see a capital, do you emphasise it.

Well maybe you should, because he has a question. When a gift is given you are grateful, excited and humbled. But when you look through the eyes of the world, its tainted, not what you wanted etc.

God’s questioning me, so I put it to you, are you listening or are you just happy to have your TV or computer on, so you don’t put in the effort, to listen.

I am just as guilty of this, its like an example the other day, going for a specific reason, then having a cuppa and a chat, then praying for a little then food.

When did he become the little in our lives, well I said, not to be nasty just as an observation.

How disrespectful, sorry God, when I have a cuppa, when I have a chat, then we expect him to do what we pray about, how dishonourable and to me just rude.

Why would any parent give to a child like that, and yes he has used my own to make a point. The point of, I don’t want to really know you, but I want you to assist me, NOW.

And where it says, depart from me, for I never knew you. I never really got, how he came to that comment, but I got it this week. Boy, did I get it, loud and clear.

You see we get trained to listen, when its convenient to us. We have to prove we are worthy of making time, but really he does not care if your house is clean and your a decent cook.

He just wants to be your first thought and your last, he wants you to listen to his promptings, which happen all day, everyday. But you got to listen with your heart, not your ears, your spirit, not your touch.

You need to make him No: 1, for everything will come to pass. But as I sit here with tears welling in my eyes, I am so grateful for this message, to take stock of the way I do things and make changes.

The gifts he is giving might not seem so, but they are just that gifts….just like Covid.


Please be inspired to reach

I hope that these little glimpses inspire you to reach for the bright and morning star.

And it does not take a lot, but it takes you, handing it all over.

I am praying for you, whom I do not know, for the time is now.

There is no time left to play or put off the inevitable, if you love him.

Leave no stone un-turned, just give it all over to him.

Surrender all, not part, ALL.