Its funny, when you stop

It is funny, when you are going through something and you look back.

You struggle, huff and puff and as I do, get a little short.

But, its not really a big deal, the enemy wants us to make a mountain out of mole hill.

And we go along for the ride, until we get smart and decide to look at ourselves first. That is when, you can get a grip and really know, who your fighting, the person in the mirror with the devil on the shoulder having a field day.

So, before you open your mouth, ask yourself this. Is it my problem, or theirs and more often than not, it ours….

Food for thought.

When he speaks

When the father speaks, and you don’t listen. I would not want to be you, he demands the attention.

You pray and ask, but when you don’t get what you want, to try and ignore the message.

We’ll my lovelies, he is not gonna take it, from you or anyone.

It comes down to love, honour, obey and respect. Your married to him first, so put him first and do as instructed.

Remember you cannot see the trees for the leaves. So shut up and take the medicine.

I feel someone needs this, because this is not from me.

He is making a demand, so its time to behave and receive, he knows the outcome, not you…


How many do you think

Now finding out more everyday, I find it amazing how many aspects there are to God the father.

The spirits are all parts of him, but all with a separate job to do, this is why you can ask for things.

Today its suppose to be 43 degrees, so I went out and spoke to the sun and weather. To ask for it not to get so hot, I have seen birds fall out of the sky and die, because it was so hot.

This morning as I lay there, I saw a sale receipt not like the normal print out, but more on a tag. Like I have done something right and here is the evidence of it.

Funny how he shows me things, and colours of the spirits. I am going to paint them like this, this holiday. I have a stash of bits that I can use. I am inspired.

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Lets get serious

Yes its time, I was about to leave the page when I felt the serge.

So, when you read the bible it talks about, spirit of fear of God, spirit of wisdom, spirit of understanding etc.

They are all spirits, you can ask them to assist you there are seven. His perfect number, for the spirit of wisdom was with the master craftsman when he made the world. Before he shaped the oceans etc.

So, when you ask, make an action. It says take the helmet of salvation well, motion that your grabbing it and putting it on.

If you don’t then what your asking for is like hot air, it does nothing and you get nothing.

We have read the bible, the way the world wants us too, the enemy does not want us to understand the depths you can achieve and because we get comfortable.

(Don’t be in house arrest, for he dwells inside.)

Then we really don’t move, as I have said before. If your comfortable, then your not in the right place in god, you gotta go through a fire to come out, counting your blessing.

And that is something we forget, to humble ourselves and say thank you for ALL he has done for us.

We get finances and think big headed and fall off the perch, well I am in a place if I had money, it would just be that, plastic paper you can use as required.

People seem to buy what they want, when what they need is flay ling in the wind. And then they seem to get stupid and hang around with those who have no morals or conscience.

Well, I would rather be where I am, know that when it does come, it is no big deal and I stay the same, with a big love for the father.

That is riches to me…


The enemy tries anyway he can

I have been fighting for months now and they cant figure out why?

Well as I said to my doctor, the devil is trying to stop me, the more I move forward in God.

And you know me by now, I believe and he says to me, well hes not going to win. LOL

I was so inspired that my little visits in to see him, have had an effect. For he cannot deny when medical miracles happen and when they happen to someone who will shout from the rooftops of his good news.

I will win because my father says so, I am not in no way ever going to surrender. I only surrender to the Father the king of kings.

I am extra ordinary, I was born this way and I am becoming whom I am suppose to be.

The enemy lies to me all the time, well I know the truth, I know how to get it and I will take the lot, when released.

I use to stand at the back of the line, thinking I was not worthy, now I am up the front.

Father, I ask the spirit of wisdom to show me, what I need to do. For I know you have my set of keys, please heal everything I have asked of you. Amen


I release it

Sometimes you are given a project and he talks through you to a person.

As of this morning, I had to hand it back.

I really tried, but I would rather it come from someone else. When its him, he does not mess around.

But I trust the outcome…