The enemy tries anyway he can

I have been fighting for months now and they cant figure out why?

Well as I said to my doctor, the devil is trying to stop me, the more I move forward in God.

And you know me by now, I believe and he says to me, well hes not going to win. LOL

I was so inspired that my little visits in to see him, have had an effect. For he cannot deny when medical miracles happen and when they happen to someone who will shout from the rooftops of his good news.

I will win because my father says so, I am not in no way ever going to surrender. I only surrender to the Father the king of kings.

I am extra ordinary, I was born this way and I am becoming whom I am suppose to be.

The enemy lies to me all the time, well I know the truth, I know how to get it and I will take the lot, when released.

I use to stand at the back of the line, thinking I was not worthy, now I am up the front.

Father, I ask the spirit of wisdom to show me, what I need to do. For I know you have my set of keys, please heal everything I have asked of you. Amen



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