I live in the hope, of what is to come

Once I read revelations and it scared the pants off me, for when I read it, I believed it. For I knew every word was the truth.

And then I realised, I live in the hope that, when it does come, Jesus will protect me, he loves me and I will be assisted when it is required.

He blesses me all the time and I am so very grateful, I am humbled all the time.

But hope is… for what is to come.


I believe…

The words struck me as I saw, someone like a post I had just written.

You know who you are, and I thank you, I thank you for reminding me of these words.

“I believe, therefore I receive, when two or more agree, then he must act”.

So when you like my post, these words, go into action.

And for you, I believe in his love and kindness, sometimes a simple thing can move any mountain.

Just keep on believing…

Loving someone enough

I was brought up in a weird environment, lets just say some things that were deemed acceptable, should not have been.

Loving someone, but with rules or threats, is not normal.

You must show love, by a forced hug, or a card dated, or buying silence for lies told, trust me when I say, I saw all this as not normal, which it is not normal.

Hammering home, the you must, not giving freely, was done and in some cases, reins as still the same.

I now will not conform to this, and that is why, in many ways, family have dropped off my radar.

And that is OK, it is not acceptable to then go on the attack, it is not acceptable to manipulate, a tiny bit of truth to corrupt and cause a rift, and I will not get involved because, fighting is just what they want.

That is why I say, I love both my children, but I stand on my belief’s, if you love me, then love all of me.

I pray for those family members, that I know need peace, and I want that before they go. As my mum use to say, “your a long time dead” which she meant as, you need to get it right, get over yourself, while your living.

I love my two enough, to not use the fact I am their mum and pull strings, I am no body’s puppet or puppet master.

I accept, all I see and love them anyway, but if they cannot, I accept that too.

I have learned that you love and say, thank you when you mean it, you show love, when you feel it. I have found that letting go, of what people think you should do, is a far better way to live.

So as I sit here, I love the father, and for that if I am persecuted for it, OK accepted. Many have things they dwell on, and their life gets consumed by it, and I pray that does not carry on.

A life of joy, peace and love is worth far more.

Lies, why do we think it’s OK

I was just sitting here typing away and thinking, how many times I hear lies or say them. I am not talking about big whoppers, but general, unthinking ones.

Lies to protect someone, to not be harsh or just to divert that we do not wish to tell them, when really, it’s none of there business.

We lie to ourselves, we lie to those we love, we lie and lie and lie.

Yet the father asks us, in his words, and says that “the truth will set you free” he wants us to be truthful, but we lie because emotion checks us.

We concern ourselves with, how they will view us, how they will feel, if our friendship is strong enough, we want to build our children, but at what cost.

What about our father, I think about an assault, if every time we lie, it is like hitting his heart, then would we? There is a time when we have to say, “sorry but no thanks”.

Are we so much a babe, that we cannot take the truth. You can say it, but say it softly, its all about the delivery.

I think about this over and over, I do not wish to be harsh, but I want to honour my father and if saying the truth, hurts. Then its not my problem, I must cut off emotion and override with wisdom, that my love for the father is far greater and worth it all.

If I must say, that at times my son was very dishonourable towards me and even aggressive, then that can be up for discussion, but if I need to say it, I will not hide from it.

Think of about your HEART

Where does your heart sit with things in your life.

Many times I am asked or rebuked, why do you believe in God etc etc.

I hold my chest and say, “because he is my dad” he and I are one”.

If you loose someone, your heart aches, and when you think about it, your heart is your engine, your brain is the computer, programmed to fuction.

But your heart, love him with all your heart, give him the desires of your heart, you are not the most important thing in the world, for the world is unimportant, but your heart and your relationship with my dad, is most important.

Get your heart right, present all of yourself to the father and do it with humility.

Doing this will start a great work, he has his plan, so get moving on giving yourself over to him and let him, do all the work in you.

I’m getting really excited, I feel an expectation on what is about to come.

And remember, you do not have to keep up with the Jones’s as the saying goes, the world makes your spend, heart and wisdom makes you do otherwise….

I’m calling for prayer

Last night I watched a show, showing Johnny Ruffo brain cancer fight. I believe this young man, can touch a lot of unbelievers with his charisma.

I sent him a msg via facebook, but I feel he needs us all.

So, as I do my bit and fight and believe for just a positive outcome, join me.

He has had the brain cancer before, it came back, it is stable, but I want it gone.

So, as I believe, believe with me and agree, he reads my msg, he takes it on and stands on it.

If 2 agree, then the father MUST act, so do not let this post land on deaf ears, let it be heard over and over.

As we join together as one…in the body of Christ.

I feel he’s doing something, already working, lets move this mountain out of Johnny and show what the father can do.

Before I go, he popped a question in…

What is your service?

What are you so driven to do, that cuts you off from the work of the father.

Are you driven, because the enemy is driving your bus?

Do, you stop and think and ask, what would Jesus do? I do when I need wisdom, when I need her to help me, she was there in the beginning.

So, instead of me me me me, I I I, STOP, what today, can you do to be of service.

Use these seconds, well…………….

When your remember him

Many times, I feel the enemy trying to get me to think bigger of myself.

But I remember his words, pride comes before the fall.

So, I remember what the father has done for me, all his miracles, all his blessings and I sit humbly thanking him for all he has done.

When you remember, you stay solid, well I do.

Remembering that without him, I have nothing, or no where to run.

Without that great love, I am just a small drop that no one sees, but I know beyond doubt that my father sees me.

I do not hide from him, I do not shy away the bad bits, that he and I know sits there.

But as I have said, “I am a work in progress”, I work on the bits that arise at times and count my joy when something is broken.

It comes back to being humble, I do not seek fame or fortune, I seek my relationship with my dad. Beyond everything, that is my most valuable thing.

I feel sadness for those who I know, live in the world and are trying to control those around them, who seek glory or money, I pray for them even though they may really dislike me, that’s fine, they have to face judgement.

But I really do hope that before their time comes, they become aware of facing there demons and find peace. And remember his words, “present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service”.

It really is that simple, to surrender yourself, because self is an illusion of self importance.

Never give up, or give in

Presently I am still helping my cat, Out 4 a Duck, his eye is still infected. So we are trying, him with injection, which is long lasting and me, cleaning with salt water and squeezing the infection out.

But as the Lord reminds me, his love never fails, so never give up, never give in.

And I am one determined woman, its funny how inside me, I feel like someone in a manual car. You may know if your at the traffic lights and you try and race someone, your in first and soon move to second, to zoom past, well, that is what I did once, with my mothers promptings.

But that is what I feel when times get tough, I hit second gear and speed up and knuckle down.

Why would anyone surrender, I do not understand, when I know the good fight, fighting is just what I do…

Following on from last post:

What has stuck me is this, revelations says a lot about what is happening NOW.

So, when something changes or mutates to different so called phases, how can one single needle that is made for the original, fight off the others. I need more info on this, I do not have peace on the reasoning.

But, we need to realise 1/3 of the population will perish, it is not something we can stop, because it is written.

So many times, we run around like chooks with our heads cut off, flapping and not being wise.

I know, getting myself right, is the only way to be saved, when the time comes.

So, its not about anything else, but, becoming aware of my surroundings, to find the only escape route I know.

My father….