Think of about your HEART

Where does your heart sit with things in your life.

Many times I am asked or rebuked, why do you believe in God etc etc.

I hold my chest and say, “because he is my dad” he and I are one”.

If you loose someone, your heart aches, and when you think about it, your heart is your engine, your brain is the computer, programmed to fuction.

But your heart, love him with all your heart, give him the desires of your heart, you are not the most important thing in the world, for the world is unimportant, but your heart and your relationship with my dad, is most important.

Get your heart right, present all of yourself to the father and do it with humility.

Doing this will start a great work, he has his plan, so get moving on giving yourself over to him and let him, do all the work in you.

I’m getting really excited, I feel an expectation on what is about to come.

And remember, you do not have to keep up with the Jones’s as the saying goes, the world makes your spend, heart and wisdom makes you do otherwise….


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