Light bulb moment

I have been thinking wrong, the devil has put doubt in and I ran with it.

I am my father’s daughter, I have all power and authority.

You idiot (I am talking to myself), what are you doing get MOVING.

Change can only happen when you move.

OMG, sometimes I need a tape to go over and over to wake myself up.

Or a cricket bat spiritually to hit me with. LOL

I am laughing again, gotta go, I feel the need for speed.


His time and season

You know, how I have commented about my father, that he has the time and season for everything.

I have felt like I have been in a winter period (spiritually that is). I know that Spring is about to come through and that was prophesied the other night.

He is very mindful of me at the moment and I need him more than ever. The time is now, I have one focus and one focus only, that is my father, with that, I hold on tight and never want, to let go.

Everyone is going through something, at the same time, I was grieved since last Tuesday I did not know why until the other night. I can feel the cry of my father and the pain of the lost. All I know is the work I have done to date, must follow into the next generation, they cannot change that destiny.

My father will step in at the right time for them to come into his presence. But I cannot wait for that, I have to keep going and keep my only focus on him. I keep saying to myself and anyone else there days are numbered he knows the right time.

The impact and weight of my father’s heart is very big on me, so that is the reason for these blogs.

He wants only the very best, but people keep doing the absolute worst. He needs us to stand up and raise ourselves to shake off the old and cross over to the other side.

I know that he needs me, this is a battle for my eternal life.

Q:  What must you do if your on a ride that flips upside down and turns sharply?

A: You hang on for dear life, until it pulls up at the end.

Its not rocket science!!!

Battles are to be won

You know when doubt comes in or you may feel hopeless.

These are battles with the enemy that need to be won. He is trying to put you down and move you out.

If you never have to push through and win then you never will grow. That is something I know for sure.

I must keep going there is no other option, victory will be mine.

This I have posted around my house: The favour of God is on me, the favour of god surrounds me and the favour of god goes before me. I have access to the throne of divine favour and in that time of need that favour comes my way.

Every time I read this I feel different, glory be to god my father.

My brain, I think is on viagra LOL

I have always had a mind that works a million miles an hour.

It goes off in 1000 different ways while thinking of one thing.

I go to someone’s home and redecorate while they make me a cuppa, always been that way. The ability to move things around before you lift a thing.

So I have been finding things to do in my home that have been on hold.

Crocheting has been a good therapy but I have over done it again. I found all these bits and pieces so I have gone on the attack.

I have made rugs and scarfs every time someone comes over I offer them one.

I really need to get a job Lord, I always work on the old saying never have idle hands. You know the one!!

Yesterday, I was again having a moment

I was having a little melt down.

I hate letting anyone down, if I am asked to do something and it isn’t right, I go into melt down internally.

Why, because I feel that I failed them, when they counted on me. A lot of people would think, what is the big deal. You asked me, trusted me to provide and I didn’t do, what you required of me.

Yes, I put a lot of pressure on myself, but I always believe that if I don’t, then what sort of person will be ready when my father calls.

Everything matters, I care deeply about those I love and I do not want to disappoint them. I have a really soft heart, that at times I must protect, but its honest and open, ready for what my father has for me.

So yesterday when I found some things also came back from my online course that needed tweaking, I melted and cried, but had to let it out and a dear friend was here to pray with me. What a treasure of God, there is definitely a right time for everything.

I have to trust in my father, he will lead me through. My care is not mine, I put it into his hands.

Do you ever have time, where you just don’t get it???

I do, I was trained a certain way, but this too shall pass.

I was brought up to honour those over you, to show respect, treat them how you wish you would be treated.

Sometimes I need to be reined in and the lord does this for me, which at times I appreciate others I don’t.

I will not lie about it, but he knows my heart. That is always open to him and he knows regardless of my internal struggle I will keep moving forward.

I am in lessons at the moment, you never stop and the Bible last night I found so gross. But I understand what my father was trying to do, so with that trust in him I continue on my path day by day.

Some days are hard, some are not. The journey we all take is absolutely right for the plan and purpose for our lives.

And you never know what is next, exciting isn’t it.

God never lies, but the devil does

Something I read which speaks volumes.

The devil offer us two lies; the forever lie and the never lie.

Meaning:  He tell you negative things in your life will be that way forever, concerning positive things, he wants us to believe if they ever change, we wont be able to stand it.

Both lies create fear in our hearts and both are untrue. Everything changes, if we believe God and place our trust in HIM, bad things ultimately give way to good.

Remember this too shall pass and if not then God will move us on.

We are to be connected to him he is our ultimate aim.

I want to have more sweetness over me

Sometimes as you read you can see I am straight to the point, no mucky around, just a whammo.

I do apologise for this, but the passion in me is very hard to contain.

So I pray that my father puts more sweetness over me, I am a work in progress but I will get their.

If he can work on Joyce Meyer he can work on me. I know in time he might even bring me my version of her Dave, Oh lord God help him, he may need it. LOL

No, everything in time, just my father, he is first and he will add the desires of my heart.

I do pray you have someone close to you who sincerely loves you, not your body but your heart and mind. A treasure that is richer than any other.

Oh what a day, God answers at the right time

Yesterday we went into battle, God sent his army in. I called us Gods cavalry.

Someone was in the fight of their life, but the lord answered a prayer to find root cause.

He has the right time and season to end what is causing grief over our lives.

I am telling you, some people from our past have a lot to answer too.

Mainly in my life my grandparents, they were naïve and that set the course for what has happened along the way.

But we have the keys to fix it and fix it we will.

One thing I have learnt when something is so serious, you must come with back up to fight and put and end to it spiritually.

The dog has to die, spiritually I mean. We are no longer captives, the truth has set us free.

Today is the new dawn and I thank my father all the way.