Do you ever have time, where you just don’t get it???

I do, I was trained a certain way, but this too shall pass.

I was brought up to honour those over you, to show respect, treat them how you wish you would be treated.

Sometimes I need to be reined in and the lord does this for me, which at times I appreciate others I don’t.

I will not lie about it, but he knows my heart. That is always open to him and he knows regardless of my internal struggle I will keep moving forward.

I am in lessons at the moment, you never stop and the Bible last night I found so gross. But I understand what my father was trying to do, so with that trust in him I continue on my path day by day.

Some days are hard, some are not. The journey we all take is absolutely right for the plan and purpose for our lives.

And you never know what is next, exciting isn’t it.


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