Lockdown 6.0

Really, oy there is only so much a person can take.

Bring on spring, that is something to look forward too.

I was just thinking of that song, “where not gonna take it, no were not gonna take it, where not gonna take it anymore”.

Now I am not saying anything, just spiritually, what a blessing to have time to spend, building your relationship with him, reading, moving in the spirit.

The enemy tries, but looses in the courts, so take your battle in, COURTS IN SESSION…


I see the light, at the end of the tunnel

I was talking with friends and saying how, I have felt and I have been in this long painful tunnel.

But I see the light at the end, I think the day I had enough and made a demand as a small child, you see I take and take things until, I hit the wall and turn and fight.

And, I had to fight for me, so I went and prayed and fort for my life.

Things started happening and this girls looking forward, change is taking place, yeehaa…..

I was given a key, thank God

It still surprises me, when I get answers to my questions.

My latest is, I am on more medications to stop the burning caused by the lap band I have in, it was put in because I do not have a valve that stops food coming up when I lay down, its missing in action.

This medication has been making me angry, weird reaction and small water lumps under my nose, kind of like a cold sore saw but different, tiny but irritating and not from a mask, because I hardly go out.

So, I was wondering about several things and its now instant, the answer comes on that day.

When I found out my key, the really big one, cannot go into detail, but lets just say, the attacks in my sleep and day to day are now, nill.

Even physical, when I had the massive benign mass inside me, and things got stuck inside (sorry but this has to be said as it is part of all this) I was talking with him and said what needed to happen and it did. It has taken me several years but, where we are now, things are taken over for our benefit.

The keys is pushing past, the simple, taking on his word into your data base and understanding, you live in this world, but your not part of it. Only to someone who knows, understands this, many years ago, I started to say this, then I said, I trusted him with my children’s lives and I was tested as I have said before.

My walk, is MY walk, and I will walk into his heaven, I remember the day I was in a car with someone and I saw heaven, now others reading this might think I am wacked, but stick with me. For it says about heaven, how close it is and seeing the earth and how we have messed it up and looking at heaven, as if it sat on top of a semi trailer and how beautiful and pristine it is, I know my walk is individual, yes others see things, the world sees nothing and that makes me sad.

But when you know, then sitting here, how much he loves me, all I think of is those lost in the wilderness, my family. I know it comes down to choice (this word is very strong), because you gotta make that decision, some day some how.

And there end, is just so sad, but I cannot force them, but I can pray for them, even through everything, I will not stop praying for change, because I want them to have a chance, to find the joy I have and the relationship with the father.

Keys are not just for cars, they are your security keys with him…. to unlock all that would try to hold you back.

So take the keys and use each one, with our fathers guidance, we can move mountains.