My daughter is falling in love

My daughter has been the most challenging of my children thus far. But she sent me a txt and it said, Hi mum I am out and in love with our Lord and Savior.

Yes my darling child had to be stopped and locked up for a time, what did I do, let her come to the end of herself and said the Lord was the only one who could be there for her in the end.

Now this was extremely hard once upon a time, but not when you trust him, knowing full well that because of the work that my mother did before she died, then put into place my place with the father, and my work and desire for him will carry onto her. We are very strong women who need to run out of the WE factor and get to the point of, I want for him alone, then he can build on us. The ground work needs to be done right, laying that solid foundation, now he can erect what he chooses for my life and hers.

I pray these words are very true, for time is running out and the end time is here, so when we are challenged we have to stand strong for him against those who will be used by the enemy.

I see this road my daughter chose as her training and her mandate is to speak to the young so they don’t repeat her history, she will have the experience that will turn those around, I know it for sure. To find there place in the journey with our father, for he is waiting with love for all….


My heart is crying out for those who are luke warm

When I wake in the morning I make a cuppa and sit back in bed, read my healing scriptures and the word.

Recently I finished Hebrews and now I am reading Revelations, what is on my heart is the luke warm.

How long do you think they have, having to face my reality everything has become more heightened and clear. My passion for knowing the father is more, not because I have to thank him by spending my spare time with him. But judgement day, its becoming very clear that many are facing this and those who are suffering because of sickness, ultimately there is no need for it.

Healing is with the father, protection, love, life, so often I see people who think OK. I have been given this advice from the doctor and I have so long to go, wait a minute, do not put me on a timer. God is the only one who can give me my out clause.

I have a very long road to go yet and people need to know, it was not because I am lucky or a trick, its because of my father saving my life. I have a destiny and no one can tell me otherwise.

Please I pray that if your on that wall, get down come with me and put him at the very front of your life.

Ages ago I said to my father that I would put my children aside for he was the most important, now he just reminded me of this and explains my sons reaction or lack there of. Nothing is more important than him, I have to do this, he is my father and I grew up knowing about respect, honour and truth, so my end is my choice as to where I am going to be.

And I want sunship….

A time to come

Very soon the world will try what is written but I know he will keep me safe for I want the sun glory.

I want to be able to move where he needs me to be and do what he wants me to do, without limitations.

I understand the growing desire within me and I am more and more humbled by him choosing ME.

Keep it simple and trust him

So many people are half hearted or half assed as the country girl in me would say. I do not mean to be crash but sometimes you have to hit between the eyes.

I keep it simple, he loves me and has never given me cause to NOT trust him or his word. So I just do what it says in his word, I show the world and others him in me, because I love him so very much.

I am humbled and grateful for his love and protection over my life, and that is because he knows my heart is his. Yes I have love for others, but nothing like the love I have for him.

Nothing compares to him and never will…

I give him all the GLORY

Its funny but I really do know him more and more each day.

And with the final result of 100% benign, only with him is this result so. I know beyond any doubt that if I wasn’t all in with God and surrendered and stuck to where I am. Then the outcome would have been very different.

I am learning my new body, what I use to think was normal was so very not. But each day I feel a little more like the person who was trapped inside and I give him Glory for it.

Oh Lord, how do I count the ways that I love you. I pray this message is read by many and it gives them reason to believe, I said that I would not accept anything but keyhole surgery and he did it, I believed his word not doctors and he came through.

I had no doubt that my father would see me through, I asked that he make me ready for my husband and I know its been hard and very painful. But it had to happen, I am getting very excited to finally be able to live the way I was destined to do.