I feel a fire stirring

Yesterday I had this knowing about getting the bride ready.

Today, I feel a fire stirring inside of me for battle.

Battles to win, not the worldly battle but spiritual.

I am excited because every time I have this feeling exceptional things happen.

The more I feel pushed down, the more I feel inside a phoenix rising from within.

I have learned, that when something comes, get excited because if something is trying so hard to stop you, then the father is about to do something amazing in you and that is worth all I go through.

I am inspired now father, restore this body to be able to do what I need to do FOR YOU…


Its A OK, to be different

If we have a different thought to others, then we are driven to shut up or shut down.

I, on the other hand say if, no one took a chance then we wouldn’t have the light bulb or anything else.

I use to be so lectured to or pressured to say YES to everything.

But I have always believed it is OK to be different.

I am his exception and if you don’t agree with me, then that is OK.

But I have a right to have my beliefs, I am who I am, because life and living and deciding to be who he made is OK with me.

I am a little round and laugh out loud when other moan and that is OK.

I am exceptionally unique and he wanted me this way, to do his purpose. So as I always say, if you don’t like it, then don’t listen.

It comes down to choice, I choose Jesus, I choose God, I choose life. My life to choose, not yours to choose it for me….

Where there is hope there is freedom

I was so frustrated I had to post my last post and get it out, because the truth sets you free.

I have lived in hope that the darkness is revealed, I am praying that those in power, stumble and that which we don’t know comes to the light. What I am saying is those who are not doing the right thing. But I do pray for our prime minister and other leaders.

I have hope for my fathers freedom, that his truth reins on this beautiful earth.

I pray for truth and justice for those who cannot stand for themselves.

I know his word will bring life to this body, I know his work will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

I have heard his words before and justice was served, so now I have hope and belief he will do it again.

I get angry at injustice, I know it and when I see things others don’t, its only because they have never had to use a part of the brain. You have to know pattern of the evil against you, to not only save yourself but to get to safety.

That is what has been developed in me, I wait and watch. I can see a pattern, in many things and behaviour is one, an eye movement, weight transfer etc all lead to the truth.

So when I say something, it is not because I am barking up the wrong tree. Its because I have come to the conclusion and I hope that others see it too.

Too many times the blinds are down on eyes of the world, but keeping our eyes open and the fathers truth, the light shines on my day and I live in a freedom, that I believe few will truly know.

I made a decision, and I do not go back, but move forward. If I am unsettled then I know something is not yet evident, I have trusted this because I believe its my father, revealing to me something to come.

I love that freedom of trusting the only one who is the most awesome I have ever known in my life.

How special this time has been

To get to know him is so very precious, I cannot describe how much love, appreciation and just peace I feel.

When I pray and ask a question, he answers within a day or two.

As I pray for the light to affect the darkness over the darkness in Australia, things are being brought to the light.

The news is thicker and thicker with proof and I am so inspired, even if I am down, I AM NEVER OUT.

I will love him all my live long life….

Wow, he knows

I was feeling down the other day, I am in lock down here in Victoria and lets just say, I am done. So someone sent a word, this is worth so much more than any other thing could have value.

I use to want to run, now I want to just walk, oy my knees. I fell down hard years ago and now its come to say hello and my back OMG.

Well I say, shut the door your not welcome. I will get through this, example nearly a week ago, I washed my car, I use an old mop that is only for the car, makes it so easy, but I rub over it with an old towel when finished and its look brand new, but bending, I am getting angry at the pain.

How to describe, it makes me feel sick when I move and so tired.

But that is enough of that, I have to move forward, I am on my knees before him. Lord please help me, release the grasp off me.

You took it on the cross, please I beg of you, I believe in you and I will not take no for an answer, I am yours. Help me to be healed, oy I know you know, but now would be good.

Love my dad, he will do it, for he really knows and we must experience to understand sometimes. I believe that is why Jesus was here, to know more about us, you can be in a glass house looking out and think you know, but living it really hits home.

So I trust and believe, and it will lift, because I decree that something great is about to happen to me.

I pray for this world

I have on my heart the pain of the world, each day I open my fridge and on it are wise words.

One key is, prayer IS a christian’s breath.

This world presently the Lord has given his people a great gift, to show the world, when you stop the abuse of greed, profit and selfishness.

The world breaths again, animals come back.

We need to inform those killing 100 Orangutans a day to plant palms for palm oil. That the world is aware of the destruction and people are refusing to buy anything that contains it.

So what they are doing now is wrong, nature is your gift, you knock down the forest we will have no air to breath. I believe there will come a time of countries prosecuting other countries.

I believe letting them know, things like elephant trunks, you cannot buy them, nobody wants them and it looks badly on you.

Then you get those hunting for the rhino horn, it is PROVEN that the horn has no benefit, its just nail. Shark fin soup, you come into our waters, you cut them off and drop the animal back in the water and it dies, you eat turtles because you want to live a long time (another lie), why to have more time to destroy what God made for ALL OF US.

You come and take whales and call it research, you LIAR, I am praying for all truth to see the light of day for the blood of children that justice is brought forth and for those who are in places of power and not of God’s will to be removed, NOW.

It has always amazed me, how brainwashed people can be, you eat dogs to be more virile, your the only one to think so. If sex is the only thing you think of, then you have the problem which is mental sickness.

The only way to change it is to strive for what I know is on my heart, but justice will be done ON EARTH as it is in HEAVEN.

So be warned… I mean business….

Being aware of our actions

Many times I just think if we do not realise what we are causing and seeing the shift as covid has impacted on the air and animals, taking back the balance in their favour.

You think going on ocean water would add oxygen, no I learned it causes the water to turn to vinegar/acidic.

Animals coming back into the space we took from them, I am getting at the fact that I believe we need to know the real affects of behaviours like selfishness, greed and profit.

Work with nature, not against it, when you come from the land, you understand that each breath you take is precious.

I garden with nature, I leave enough for the bugs and lizards and I feel terribly hurt that I am living in world that is more interested in destroying the world that my father made.