Where there is hope there is freedom

I was so frustrated I had to post my last post and get it out, because the truth sets you free.

I have lived in hope that the darkness is revealed, I am praying that those in power, stumble and that which we don’t know comes to the light. What I am saying is those who are not doing the right thing. But I do pray for our prime minister and other leaders.

I have hope for my fathers freedom, that his truth reins on this beautiful earth.

I pray for truth and justice for those who cannot stand for themselves.

I know his word will bring life to this body, I know his work will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

I have heard his words before and justice was served, so now I have hope and belief he will do it again.

I get angry at injustice, I know it and when I see things others don’t, its only because they have never had to use a part of the brain. You have to know pattern of the evil against you, to not only save yourself but to get to safety.

That is what has been developed in me, I wait and watch. I can see a pattern, in many things and behaviour is one, an eye movement, weight transfer etc all lead to the truth.

So when I say something, it is not because I am barking up the wrong tree. Its because I have come to the conclusion and I hope that others see it too.

Too many times the blinds are down on eyes of the world, but keeping our eyes open and the fathers truth, the light shines on my day and I live in a freedom, that I believe few will truly know.

I made a decision, and I do not go back, but move forward. If I am unsettled then I know something is not yet evident, I have trusted this because I believe its my father, revealing to me something to come.

I love that freedom of trusting the only one who is the most awesome I have ever known in my life.


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