Stand for, his rights…

This is something that the Lord is working over time on me.

To stand in the midst of the battle, to trust what you cannot yet see.

To trust the process and my father.

To stand in a crowd and say, my fathers way is my only way.

Just follow and believe his word, to activate your life through it. Nothing can stop you then, this is the key that unlocks that door. The door in the spirit that was prophesied to me, that he would show me how to turn the key to open the door.

I just felt this in my spirit as I was typing, oh father, with tears in my eyes THANK YOU. Oh gracious love that surrounds me be with me always.

Thank you father for finally showing me, how.

The tears are really flowing now, what a blessing. I knew this blog was a way of unlocking doors, I didn’t know how, but I trusted my father, and here I sit.

Oh father let the doors swing wide and release the anointing on me.

God bless all today, last nights blood moon and eclipse are definitely a sign. Did you feel it???


Are you solid??

What do I mean by that? Are you solid in your character, I was saying how once you cross me, your done. I will be pleasant, but the trust is gone. I learn very fast and have learnt that the enemy is waiting for any opportunity.

I have learned over time, that when I love, I love with all of me. I leave nothing left, so if I am hurt or crossed it hits me hard. I do not have time to waste on people who think they can, play games. They are not worth my time or breath. I don’t know if anyone else feels this way.

If I say I am going to do something, then I will honour my word or admit defeat. This is something that I am really passionate about is, trust and honesty.

I don’t mince my words, if you ask me a question I will say I love you, and then give you my answer. I have been called blunt, but as I say, “Did you ever meet my mother?” Lord that woman was hard, but I learned things and chose to change others.

I know what I want, I know what I want to do. I know who I am and I can honestly say, finally I like myself. No I am not a in love and its all about me. Its, I like the person the Lord has turned me into, I was discussing with a trusted friend how I knew very bad eggs, people who could remove you from the planet with no trace. I hung around some very bad eggs along time ago, who denied the laws on the earth.

But now here I sit, changed, with an open heart, the person said to me “I cannot ever imagine you any different, you are so lovely and kind” yes, oh how I have changed.

Remember the old me died at my baptism, the day I chose to surrender and be cleansed by my father. From that day forward little by little, here I am.

Dont fear the unknown, embrace and enjoy all of it. That is something I struggled with, but I am learning to receive.

What is your story..

I was talking with my landlady yesterday as they have been here painting and replacing things. I feel as though I have a new home.

We were discussing how marvelous it is how I came to be there tenant. I went back through things and told her of my testimony, I said that I didn’t care if she didn’t believe me. What was precious is she said, no I do believe you, you are right.

It takes a person who is open to listen and receive and I believe having me here is very much not only a blessing to me but a blessing to them.

She really honoured me in a way that I was not expecting, I cannot go into detail but I know the Lord is working behind this.

Its marvelous but it keeps honing in on the fact and he shows me daily how he has the plan for my life and how things have fitted in and how he is making the way for things to happen.



Just believe and it shall come to pass.

What you ask for I will give to you.

For your father is in charge and loves you mightily.

Look forward and all that you want will be yours.


I just got this as I was about to sign off, OMG Yahoo. It’s so exciting, isn’t it? My father has spoken….

What do you want????

If you want to be somebody, if you want to go somewhere you better WAKE UP AND PAY ATTENTION.

I keep getting that over and over again. Get in the boat, come along for the ride, you will never regret it. If you have fallen out, it takes a real person to admit faults and get back what the enemy has stolen from YOU.

I want to do what my father has planned for me.

Personally I want my husband, THE man that, my father has chosen for me. I want to own this little home, outright. I want what has been stolen, returned 7 fold.

This I declare in my father’s name, and I want Seacret to go off, be the most sort after product on the planet.

Now, I leave it to my dad. It’s up to him what happens now, if it’s not in the plan. Then I accept that, I know what he has for me is better than I could ever imagine.

Today was so great, I was about to jump out of my skin…

Today’s message was truly awesome. In my spirit I am whooping up a storm.

Wow, here I was thinking I was not hearing from God, that maybe I am missing something.

Yes, it was a lie, of course I am hearing from my father. I take authority in the name of Jesus, my dad.

The word I got this morning was RESTORATION, in big bold letters. What has been stolen, WILL BE RESTORED in my life. Amen

Change is coming in a BIG way, nothing is going to stand in my way anymore. I just stood up and used (believe it or not) a broom and a pot lid to represent the Lord putting a shield and sword in my hand.

I declared in my father’s name that no roadblock, no depression, nothing will stand in my way. I struck the ground with it and shouted out loudly.

The rain has come, the flood gates have washed all barriers away, the path is ready and clear.

All I can say is YAHOOO. Amen and Amen

I learned some sad news..

I learned my brother in-law was killed last year.

May he have heard my prayers and made it to heaven. He needed the Lord more than ever.

If you are treating someone close to you wrongly. Just remember we are not always right, we have the ability to change the atmosphere and we chose them one way or the other.

You have the ability with God’s grace to move mountains and I believe when your married you have the ability to shine together. To be a great woman behind a great man, it’s up to you how you live your life.

Neighbours, oh Lord…

I live next to a house that is so wrong, planning etc.

I have named it the 5 mth house, because no one lives there longer than that. I may have discussed this before.

But one excellent thing is my landlords are getting the fence replaced with a seven-foot one. Yahoo, if you lived here you would understand, one of the dogs and they have 3, jumps on the fence, 6 palings fall off and there is nothing to nail them back onto.

Sorry, but I would love to buy the property next door and the one I live in. Knock down next door, put a house at the front and use the yard for veggies or build 3 townhouses.

I always think big, I like neighbours that are there for a long time. Who you get to know and know their habits.

I know lord, find patience. I feel like a grumble bum, sorry again. Maybe some chocolate, ooh yes cya.

Lord what is your plan for me????

Sometimes I really do want to know, what is your plan for my life.

I was discussing what I have been up too with my landlord’s, they are lovely. They wanted to just paint the ceiling, but they ended up painting the walls & ceilings in the lounge, dining, kitchen, hall and laundry. I feel like I have a new home and it feels so much bigger.

After chatting to her, I was then wondering to myself and asking the father. What is my clear direction, out of all the many things I can do or make.

What is it? Is it just as simple as reading the word and putting it into action in my life?

I need to know more information and I pray that my father leads me and gives me the answer to my question.

I want to do the right thing for him and be doing the right things that lead that way. Instead of wasting time, I feel as if when I went out into the world and lived. That I wasted time, time that my father could have used me more.

But knowing the rotten things I had to go through, they all can be turned around to use for god’s glory. That I know, as it says, “What the devil meant for bad, I the Lord will use for good”.

I think after typing this I just need change, its been raining all week. That must be it, if I get out and go for a drive. Pray and spend time with my dad, the sun keeps trying to break through.

Be blessed.

Life is like a box of chocolates

Yes I said it, I know LOL.

But think about it, if you never had a map showing you what chocolate was filled with sweet green flavoured mint, or something with nuts.

Its like life, you have to trust the father. Or try your own path, but really. One day is sometimes no different to yesterday or it may feel that way. Then, everything can turn and marvelous things can happen.

That’s where I feel, I am. Just about ready for things to take off.

So in life’s box of chocolates, time for me to dive into something else and see what happens.

With my fathers guidance of course.