Neighbours, oh Lord…

I live next to a house that is so wrong, planning etc.

I have named it the 5 mth house, because no one lives there longer than that. I may have discussed this before.

But one excellent thing is my landlords are getting the fence replaced with a seven-foot one. Yahoo, if you lived here you would understand, one of the dogs and they have 3, jumps on the fence, 6 palings fall off and there is nothing to nail them back onto.

Sorry, but I would love to buy the property next door and the one I live in. Knock down next door, put a house at the front and use the yard for veggies or build 3 townhouses.

I always think big, I like neighbours that are there for a long time. Who you get to know and know their habits.

I know lord, find patience. I feel like a grumble bum, sorry again. Maybe some chocolate, ooh yes cya.


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