Do you feel his energy..

I am sitting here, and I feel like this jet is about to take off inside of me, I love it when that happens.

It is Sunday here, so I get up, make a cup of tea, go back and sit in bed, saying good morning to all, thanking him for the day and today, I was praying in tongues, his language, I kept going and going.

Then I felt, to get onto this site and start typing, and I felt him, this is such a blessing to me. His presence is my most valuable asset, and I love that.

I watch sometimes those stupid shows about housewives and I keep shaking my head, its all about, falseness, makeup, jewels, cars and lifestyle, but they fight like bogans, what is up with that, they have so much, but have nothing at all.

Maybe I am the only one, but I have more, sitting here, than they can ever imagine and that blesses me and makes me think, what more do they need, they need to loose it, then they might be able to count the blessings.

But, my energy and joy comes from one place, my peace and wealth, it is not worldly, it cannot be bought, but acquired through persistence, through surrendering, through love.

If I read this, I would give up everything to have a little snippet of the father, not what the world has, but I believe he is about to flip it for those who he chose..

The world is in for a shocker, sit and watch it play out for the master architect, with my blue prints in his hand.


Move that mountain

I have allergies as I have said before, and finally saw the supermarket get something in the brand I need but wrong flour.

So, I decided to move that mountain, I emailed then rang the head office, once I get an idea, I put it into action. I put in place to move what ever mountain I need too, for the benefit of not only myself but others.

Gods mountain is the only one in my life, where I go to meet him.

The barriers or fraudulent spirit, that has tried many times to get in my way is given its notice, here and now.

I will open the gates and the flow from MY ONE AND ONLY FATHER, you, no longer have any power over my life, for I have surrendered it all to the Lord Jesus, who gave his life for me.

So, get out of my way, cause I am coming through.

Finally allowed out

Yesterday, here in Victoria we were allowed to go to the shops.

People everywhere and I panicked, I took my friend out and had to leave, go back and sit in the car.

This is not God, the enemy at work, and he is sitting in parliament and he has to go, please join our prayers that the father moves him out, immediately given his eviction notice.

I see a corrupt spirit, I know the father can act, he is against God and his people and even wants people to not be able to pray for there own children, so my prayer is, father in, the enemy out.

Asking that the hidden things of darkness to be revealed, and be exposed.

I know this can be done… for I believe.

How do you perceive a blessing…

A blessing to me can be simple, or really big.

A blessing is something you asked for, received knowing its just for you.

A blessing is not good luck, its provision for his chosen people.

A blessing is him showing me, when I refused to be used and stood my ground, it was a start to the road I am on.

A blessing is knowing that from the start of my life, there was a plan. Yes you can think your in control or fulfilling your life’s plan, but really, I just know that when I hold a bible in court, I understand the power of it.

A blessing is feeling loved, by something bigger than you and trusting in that.

A blessing is knowing, that when, or if the word runs true (only put if in, for those worldly unbelievers), Jesus returns and all fall to there knees, who is blessed then?

Blessing is finding my path, and my path is my own, you do what you need to do, but if he calls you and you choose not to answer his call, then it’s your judgement you have to face. And no one will care if you look good, skinny or wealthy, it all will not matter.

What matters is, your integrity, your empathy, your honesty, your faith and your truth. I pray for the hidden things of darkness to be revealed and anyone trying to stop the will of the father, to be judged, today.

Gotta love his work, I ask and I receive

I have been unable to mow my own lawn and I love the smell of mowed grass.

So, it frustrates me and being in lock down it was just too much, so I asked the father to send a gardener and he did.

I feel so blessed, its funny, I keep thinking if the world saw how I ask, how it happens, could they see the evidence.

Before I surrendered myself, which is just knowing who is in power, saying Romans 12 V1, I do present my body a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God which is my reasonable service.

Because it covers you with a warm hug, again before I truly accepted him in my life, I did not know what was going on, and I saw someone get hit up the butt in their car, I told them and it happened, but what I did not know at the time was, their agenda towards me. My father has stepped in, trying to warn me, I believe things happen for a reason, good or bad, depends on how you look at it.

Yesterday, the same happened, you just gotta love his work and know that your shown things for a reason. Some may never pick up on things but having a heightened sense of awareness or him on my side, has saved me time and time again.

I love the way things work, but I also know I am more blessed because of it.

Fight the good fight

I remember having to fight, fight for my right just to be accepted, then thinking to myself, why.

Why, because if you have to fight or manipulate or cause division, you’ve got more of a problem than anyone.

I was talking to someone, how I believe the word written in the bible and because I do not shy away from this fact, I was told maybe I should see a physiologist.

Now, I understand when someone does not believe, or believes but will not admit to it and with me, that’s OK, but I am suppose to believe, that seeing physic’s etc, has more value, what the.

I said to someone who understands, if I was a Pastor, Dalai Lama or the Pope it would not even be questioned. Because I openly say, I believe and I follow the word, I find it offensive and down right racist.

So, I won’t fight, but I will let my father, fight for me. He has done it before and he will do it again, and I know it, because evidence has been shown time and time again, it says he is a jealous God, jealous of those who are his.

So, I fight the good fight of faith instead, it’s the right fight, not the wrong one.

Birth Certificates

I found my copy the other day, what became real was the post I did recently.

The one about two families, mine shows I have two siblings. And then I thought about what the father had shown me, the same thing.

If you take emotion out of it, facts are the evidence seen and mine is on my birth certificate.

It is funny I thought my sister was 6 years older than me, but it says, she is 8 years older. I have not seen her since I was 19 years old, we all have some sort of damage, via the atmosphere we grew up in and I understand that.

But, unless you recognise it and deal with it, it moves on and in many it still is active in their lives.

I am so grateful to my real father, Jesus, for giving me this gift of release.

Looking up my ancestors has been enlightening to say the least, I went back and back and found a man married a woman named Jane who was from India, but what I want to know is the story surrounding these people.

And what I remember, my mother had Indian arms bands, these were tested and had diamonds in them, so where they Jane’s. Where they from a wealthy family, how did they get into my mothers hands, I have questions, I need answered.

Things, get interesting when you start, seeing through different eyes…

Seeing things differently

I was reading the bible and it said, about the seven churches in Asia. Which is interesting, because their are those out there that know the truth.

Now, I see the news, how countries are being over taken by intensive minded individuals and its really nuts, seeing them try and rule over so many, by lies and intimidation. Killing people and threatening them, because they think differently, its not wrong, if we were all the same, nothing would be different, how dull would that be, robots are mechanical, humans are not.

You see I go back to a show I watched, it was a cooking show and this woman who was from Russia, commented that they won the war, what war? and why do you think that? Because you were lied too, brain washed and then you go off and the world looks at you, knowing the truth (and then questions your leader), then the world tries to free the people’s minds, but they fight you instead.

It is the same when it comes to the father, the bible has been around so long, when you read it and understand it’s meaning. You understand that it is speaking to you now, it is very valid when you take it in.

But, it warns, do not worship idols, now today some have idols to do with worship, some to do with money, and some do it for power.

We are all little fish, in a very big pond, his word speaks loudly to me. Sometimes, it frightens me, because I know he does not joke around.

He, has selected those few, who are willing to hear, not only with their ears, but spirit, soul and heart.

For years the world has been warning about global warming, waste and pollution and nobody is listening. We must be conscious, listen and make changes, now. This idea of eating, eating, eating and wanting more, I watched a show Abalone wars and some buyer, Asian man, asking them to get more, more, more, work harder (so wrong). There is only so much, and you cannot take too much, the ocean needs it’s own amount, to survive and to also restock, this coral bleaching is showing we have stuffed up the balance, big fish feed on the little and the little feed on coral and the living organisms they require.

This idea, that enough, is never enough, is lost on so many. I just grow enough for me and a little to share, because I hate waste. I have flowers, mainly to feed the bees, without bees, we perish. Those little insects have a purpose, we take and eliminate a species and throw the whole system of how nature works off kilter, and then scream for help and wonder why (totally nuts to me).

Two days ago, I made up a spaghetti bolognese, but half was veggies, why? because it adds to the dish, therefore no added veg on the side required, but also, limit meat usage. I watched an American cooking show, sometimes I am horrified by the amount of meat, salt and portions OMG.

We hit the 80’s and did everything in excess, but forgot to turn back the clock. And, not get caught in the cycle, I am a person who takes notice and can see evidence where others don’t. This is a great gift and I hope others start, start to really view things, not what they are trying to force them to accept.

I stand by my father, all the way… start looking through his glasses, maybe its time we all did.

His mark on me…

When I first came to him, many years ago in that paddock, I asked him to leave his mark on me.

I had one mole, but told him I wanted, Jesus-God and the Holy Spirit, finding those three in a triangle on my leg was a beautiful gift from him to me.

Last night the reminder came, I have been feeling so tired and lethargic, which is no excuse to not use the time to pray, but I did.

I have been ticking myself off, being in lock down for sooooo long, I have felt isolated in many ways. Yesterday I had to shop and I panicked seeing so many people, which was about ten, but I freaked internally and kept thinking just tunnel vision all will be ok.

Anyway, thinking of that mark, seeing one fade made me sad and I feel like crying, but its all my fault. I need to be energised somehow, someway….

Help me father…

How a snippet can inspire you

I love watching she show, Expedition Unknown and the one I watched was Search for the afterlife. One reason, is I can search the globe and not leave my sofa, but I also like investigation, most will take what they are told and that’s it, where me, I want to go back & back & back, to find out where it came from.

Now, I do not want to watch the next episode (evil) and the enemy tempting people with so called physics, but the part where people had been medically deemed dead and had experiences of pure love.

Does it not say, love covers all….

I hear many people fear dying, why, I do not know, because you get to go home. Now which home is up to you, not anyone else, so those who blame others, is just an earthly waste of time.

I have this knowing that when you go, you see an image of someone you loved, but the emotion is out of the picture. Once I had an experience, I cannot call it anything other than that.

I saw my mum in a stage of heaven, someone taller had something like a clipboard in there hands, giving out instruction to the group and my mum was in that group. I was so excited to see her, I yelled out, “Mum” she turned around and “told me to go back, it was not my time yet”.

I do not know if I stop breathing for a short time as I was told I have light sleep apnea.

What got me was, her having no emotion towards me (nothing bad), but she knew who I was. You see on earth, we can be driven by emotion, especially us women, I for some reason, can separate myself, so I can let wisdom in.

Watching the show, hearing people talk, watching the host, the woman who was under water for 30 mins and was told her son would die soon, had little emotion.

I believe it is because she knew, knew where he would be going and was at peace, knowing of how much love their is there. Its not about loosing someone, but them moving to a different location.

We get so caught up with, end of life, but is it really…

Many times, something happens that is so my mum, I am surprised by it, but then I know I am to pay attention. Ultimately I see my father, Jesus in it, giving me things, knowing that I know a little, and trust in the rest yet unknown to me.

He sees when I go quiet and struggle, but knows that when he is discussed, I come alive again.