How a snippet can inspire you

I love watching she show, Expedition Unknown and the one I watched was Search for the afterlife. One reason, is I can search the globe and not leave my sofa, but I also like investigation, most will take what they are told and that’s it, where me, I want to go back & back & back, to find out where it came from.

Now, I do not want to watch the next episode (evil) and the enemy tempting people with so called physics, but the part where people had been medically deemed dead and had experiences of pure love.

Does it not say, love covers all….

I hear many people fear dying, why, I do not know, because you get to go home. Now which home is up to you, not anyone else, so those who blame others, is just an earthly waste of time.

I have this knowing that when you go, you see an image of someone you loved, but the emotion is out of the picture. Once I had an experience, I cannot call it anything other than that.

I saw my mum in a stage of heaven, someone taller had something like a clipboard in there hands, giving out instruction to the group and my mum was in that group. I was so excited to see her, I yelled out, “Mum” she turned around and “told me to go back, it was not my time yet”.

I do not know if I stop breathing for a short time as I was told I have light sleep apnea.

What got me was, her having no emotion towards me (nothing bad), but she knew who I was. You see on earth, we can be driven by emotion, especially us women, I for some reason, can separate myself, so I can let wisdom in.

Watching the show, hearing people talk, watching the host, the woman who was under water for 30 mins and was told her son would die soon, had little emotion.

I believe it is because she knew, knew where he would be going and was at peace, knowing of how much love their is there. Its not about loosing someone, but them moving to a different location.

We get so caught up with, end of life, but is it really…

Many times, something happens that is so my mum, I am surprised by it, but then I know I am to pay attention. Ultimately I see my father, Jesus in it, giving me things, knowing that I know a little, and trust in the rest yet unknown to me.

He sees when I go quiet and struggle, but knows that when he is discussed, I come alive again.


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