Let it be…

I have had a few weeks that lead up too a really big burst of anger.

Now, I have not been angry for over 20 yrs, but I was rope-able.

It took me time and letting go, finally realising, some had to do with mediation I was given. Some I have causes great anxiety and the need to fix things, my body has weird reactions to say the least.

But finally realising, yesterday I saw the person I had blogged about, dressed immaculately and all I thought was, how sad, sad that it takes them to dress a certain way, to feel important, then not only did I feel sad but also pity.

And, then I realised, I was in a better place than I could ever wish for them to be.

So, I feel to let it be, I have been clearing things out, but I really need to move things into overdrive. And I believe doing so, will also lighten my spirit.

So, if I have learned anything, let him be in you and all will fall away, like confetti forgotten on the ground.


I know…

I am posting this, because I feel someone who thinks they are better than me, reads this. And reading you will know who you are and there is a warning for you.

You see, I trust simply trust and when trust is broken, and I know what is going on, something strong arises in me.

You see when I moved here I was in communication with someone, I was made aware because, after going to see a councillor, who knew and others noticing, the truth, they showed me that I was used as a puppet on a string. This is the same for others assisting, they are responsible for his own behaviour in supporting bad behaviour and not remembering the good. There is always more to a story that is created by unknown facts.

I came home one day and the person was in my house, removing my mattress and replacing it, without asking first if it was OK to do so, but it never occurred to me that they would think it was OK to come back, or have the right too.

Trust, I trusted common sense and respect, then noticing things missing, I blamed someone, you should not blame without proof, lesson learned and for that I apologise, publicly to her.

But a few years ago I went to the beach house, friends took me for a weekend away, I came home. A close person to me, txt me and asked a question, I had bad reception and explained where I was, then came home and found there was dirt on the carpet, a photo on the bedroom floor, that I knew where it was before I left.

I have accumulated things, that I knew my mother owned, but was were not hers, I picked up along the way from op shops. And my aunt gave me a round blanket, a memory of gaining respect from someone who was very hard.

I then thought someone they might know, might have been in here. Then, over time the father has shown me, the real thief, you see photos in box 2/3 gone, when I was about to give to each child of mine personal items. Materials, gone, things out of my wooden chest, gone and something out of my china cabinet.

We’ll, realising someone has trespassed, I wanted to get rid of everything, over time I have removed certain things, by getting rid of them out of this house, but then something was missing and then returned, I called the police, but they can only work on what they know and I know they never met anyone so devious before. I am not going mad, but very aware, that someone thinks they have a right, but I warn you, judgement is coming.

This person has also tried to get power, legally over me, some close confessed and told me, people have said many times, I like you but not them, in the place I live and many they now know the complete truth about them (ones they have let slip without the realisation of it) and they want to avoid them at all costs.

There is a reason I do not speak to them, there is a reason for things, the father saw there truth and did not like it. But I was not aware at the time, because of trust, I was told by them, I can only be my true self around you, but the acting has to stop, the lies and manipulation of peoples lives, has to stop. I was paying of my house and doing fine, then they interfered and everything went haywire, because I trusted, but they then said, “I was incapable of managing”. I did not think someone would have such an evil agenda.

We’ll once lock down is over, I make this very strong statement, you come onto my property again (or use the innocent to do your dirty work), if you are not invited and the full force of the law come down on you, the fathers law.

I have prayed that the truth is revealed and my cousin, finally took off the rose coloured glasses and I believe strongly as he spoke, he ended up hating that they have breath in there lungs. For my last conversation, I never knew anyone could do such a strong 180 of how another person can be viewed.

I told have said to many, because of what has happened, if you come here without my invitation, I will make sure it is the last time. My neighbours keep an eye out, which is great and I have earned the respect I have, the keys have been changed the keys (but I notice keys missing), I know if they have the opportunity, they will try again.

I do not know in what kind of mindset you think you have any right at all, but know this. When you put your hand in the fathers and he forgives you, nothing you think you have against me holds water. Something bad is in your mind and it has festered and become infected.

I have made sure, I am surrounded by protection, I am praying before they go, that they become healed, for as mother said, “your a long time dead” knowing that you can burn in the pit of hell for eternity, do you really want to chance it. You have lived a life of lies, manipulation and used those around you, what do you have you for it all, nothing, but using those around you and put them in place, for the slaughter. But the truth cannot be denied, the father knows and you need to change your ways.

I am here when they, grow a awareness of the truth and puts it all in perspective. But one thing to be aware of, I am not a fool, for I will not spend one more ounce of energy on any corruption of the spirit.

You can only get so far, before things catch up with you, and that is the fathers law.

Thank you father, I do not receive anymore the corruption of the past, but I receive the blessing of the presence, today as I state my case.

Yes, I agree with what is held against me, but by your sons blood, let it also cleans me, from the past.

One thing I loved about my mother, she could sum it all up with a saying, and that is, “those in glass houses should not throw stones” and as the father said, “he without sin, cast the first stone”.

Revelations can come in the most…

I was gifted something and many times, I have seen this in my mind and never followed the lead of the father.

You see, the revelation of waiting, I have waited for others to catch up, others to not cross a man made line. Revelation of a line, that someone older, smarter or in position, I was not worthy to cross. Revelations can come in the most, intended way, by the father, to wake you up.

We’ll I was gifted the ability to see, see something done, how it was done and the result.

When I was young, being in the country I was always classed as the idiot, but that was a way of holding me back. Feeling small was there goal, but not the fathers.

The father does not want that, he knows I love him, he wants me to step, but then I got lazy. Thinking someone else will do it, I will just sit and wait. OMG, I have waited and waited, many times I see beyond the words people say and break what they are saying down, the impact of what they are saying can let out, keys or just there present arena, they are enclosed in a room and they cannot see it, but seeing it and not saying anything is really hard.

I have a brilliant mind, I always knew it, but never wanted to be, or sound big headed, because I am not. I just know when it comes to my mindset, brilliant things happen.

I always wondered how many go into business and not freak from anxiety, how do they take that leap. I was always cautious because I was trained to think, I could not do it. It was only for those worthy.

What a load of lies, I have held back, not to step on toes, not to make people feel less etc etc etc. But realising this is the enemy, trying to make me withhold the father, because he read what I can do and is trying everything to stop me.

There have been times in the past when, I have cried and cried and felt worthless, because I did not want to upset the apple cart, but sometimes you have too, to get the bad apples off the cart.

I am sitting here saddened, saddened by the sheer waste of time, its not about whether your important, or a status, or age. It is about, where he positions you, not the world as such, he knows and has a contract with you, you made a deal and for others to hold you back is not his plan, but sometimes their own.

The revelation that it is OK to say the word brilliant mind, is big for me, because I am. My mind is that of the father, as long as I know that, and have humbleness and humility, all will fall into place.

There is a saying, you cannot see the trees for the leaves, but what if you can see the forest, what if you can see the levels of colour, feel the vibration of the living tree, the bush and can feel the energy that it creates…

Trust me when I say, there is a lot going on that no one, but the father knows.

Take no thought for tomorrow

Well, I don’t, I think of him right now, if he called me home.

When knowing what I know and he said to me, “when you knew, why did you keep sinning”.

It is the same every moment of every day, we don’t stop and see the error of our ways, we just keep going.

But for some reason, I break it down, every moment I step outside, every time I think about something or dream, it is funny in a way, the enemy tries to get me to steal when I dream and I can’t even if its to save my life.

You see, I know when I am dreaming for its like leaving your body, I do this when I talk to someone, anything throughout the day, it is like breaking down screen shots and with it, you can check yourself.

I believe not many can do this, but I see it as a gift, a gift because he has to know he can TRUST ME.

That is really key here, its like keeping your word, many many years ago, I told a young girl about presentation pillows, you know the ones you put the nice covers on, and then the sleeping ones at the back. We’ll she reminded me, then told me not to worry about it, I told her, I must honour my word to you. I went down bought two pillows and prayed over them, to get her to clean her room, which she did. I remember she was a bit shocked, but I humbled myself and said sorry and thanked her for what she said.

If you love him, then you have to make sure your words are truth, because your love will flow when you do. I feel it now, talking to you, simple things can make a huge effect, never doubt that.

When he can trust you, he will entrust you….

Miracles do follow those who believe

Do you know these words, well I have to tell you something wonderful.

I moved into the realm of expectation, I am the daughter of the one and only KING.

Once you have had enough, as I told someone bluntly, I get pissed off, then I fight.

I was in prayer last Monday, my pain, the thought of severing my nerve in my back, had crossed my mind.

But I took no prisoners, my father told me when to act and I did it willingly.

There is a place you can go, only few know this, once in I retracted my accusation against the accuser. You see what started all this was, I accused him and the pain started, I knew I had done the wrong thing, boy did he attack me full on, having access to afflict me with any infirmity.

I have been walking little by little without my crutch, yes I have been going to physio and taking pills and just laying down to take the pressure off, to try and not feel the unspeakable pain I was in.

I knew my father would not fail me, and I am on the road back, I know something else is about to take place.

For if you are not a symbol of a miracle, the people of the world will not take notice.

Well I am HIS MIRACLE, and I will shout it to whom ever has ears to hear….

I feel all that has been stopping me, flipping in the right direction.

See what can happen, when you trust in him with all of you. He will then use you for his purpose, how amazing if HE my dad Jesus.

Never give up, and never give in…

One in a million

I have talked about my cat before, Out 4 a Duck, he gets called a lot of other names, bubby boy, betty boo etc.

As I have said before, I am determined and with my cat, I could see the father working, and I was not giving up, I would win in the end and as you can see, he is healed with all the prayer, laying on of hands etc.

You see money is tight, but somehow with prayer money expanded, I asked the father to help, he needed his eye out, but before that we tried many pills, then needles, then out the eye had to come, then we got infected (squeezing, washing with salt water), back again more pills, needles and then back to have it opened to flush it.

All this would have cost a fortune, but when you tap into the father, miracles happen.

He was found in a paddock, wrapped in a sheet with another kitten, his foot had been cut off and left for dead. And then at the time, I was not going to have another pet, but HE CHOSE ME.

Somehow he knew that I needed him as much as he needed me, when I have asthma attacks at night, he gently touches my face and cries until I awake and take my puffer.

He has 3 legs, and now one eye, but to me he is still perfect.

I know when I see many walk past the blind, or past the not quiet right and think nothing of it, but I see, because I know Jesus sees.

And this little ball of love, shows me the father more than you can imagine, when I pray his head rotates around, because he sees angels.

Never underestimate, seeing through the eyes of all things living, for you just may catch a glimpse of the father.

How humble do I feel

When I am asked for my view, I wait to get all the information, then I plug into his wisdom.

When it is someone I think highly of, I am humbled, that they view what I have to say as important.

Humbled because the fathers wisdom is growing within me.

How special is that, his wisdom, him in me…


Stand up for the father in you

I won’t name names, but recently a person I know was conflicted, because someone of the world, tried to get them to do something that was a lie.

And when it comes down to it, you gotta stand before him, you cannot excuse your behaviour, but as always I think, what if I had to be judged NOW.

And you cannot try and bend the will of the world, all you can do is be YOUR example.

If you love the father, then doing the right thing will become second or first nature.

You cannot grey the area to suit yourself, you cannot justify it, you have to do what is right and good. Even if it hurts someone else, but if your judged, let it be for his right within you.

I am glad the person, stood up and was counted for what they did, for the father will bless them. This is an example to help others, and when something like this comes at me.

I say, I just can’t, with everything in me it is impossible and when your in that place, you know how important your relationship with him is, more than life itself.

I will not except this when I have to shop, or work or any appointment, I must do the right by him who lives in me, and give him all the rights I can, to arise and shine and show the world, how it is done.

When you really get it…

Recently I heard a speech about righteousness, but sometimes people go on there own SELF righteousness and that is wrong.

Many times I have felt him arise in me, I have felt him speak through my mouth and then after, did a double take, thinking wow that was powerful and what do I need to hear from that.

I know people see me, but if they could I would love them to see him, in me.

Many do not like Donald, but its not about his past, it is not if he is doing God’s work, but what if God is using him to be the man for this job.

Many just hear one sentence and then get all upset, but break it down. What is the father really doing here, he is taking someone, who does not care what others think, and he is speaking. Yes he may get ahead of himself, but maybe he doesn’t, you got to really listen, to really get it.

Its funny to me, how other nations view us

I was thinking about this and I have my normal questioning to the Lord.

I see cars and many aren’t even owned by the drivers, they are leased or paying off loans.

We see many with bags of purchases but these are mainly on credit or afterpay.

We see loads of things, but what I see and look at is, are they paid for, are they satisfied with what they have. Many over time struggle to buy a home or pay rent and never really own anything, they go on holiday, when paying off what you need too, would free you up so much sooner.

I know many times nations are seeking help, but what about us, are we really that blinded that we do not see, sometimes they have more than us.

If I have a spare $50, I think I am rich, but I always work on the next bill that is always coming and once paid, I know I am debt free again, but also have nothing in reserve.

This is not something to dwell on for it does not make me sad, I will never want to keep up with the Jones’s, I will never need a Mercedes or a mansion, but I am humbled and thankful for what I do have.

The father….