Miracles do follow those who believe

Do you know these words, well I have to tell you something wonderful.

I moved into the realm of expectation, I am the daughter of the one and only KING.

Once you have had enough, as I told someone bluntly, I get pissed off, then I fight.

I was in prayer last Monday, my pain, the thought of severing my nerve in my back, had crossed my mind.

But I took no prisoners, my father told me when to act and I did it willingly.

There is a place you can go, only few know this, once in I retracted my accusation against the accuser. You see what started all this was, I accused him and the pain started, I knew I had done the wrong thing, boy did he attack me full on, having access to afflict me with any infirmity.

I have been walking little by little without my crutch, yes I have been going to physio and taking pills and just laying down to take the pressure off, to try and not feel the unspeakable pain I was in.

I knew my father would not fail me, and I am on the road back, I know something else is about to take place.

For if you are not a symbol of a miracle, the people of the world will not take notice.

Well I am HIS MIRACLE, and I will shout it to whom ever has ears to hear….

I feel all that has been stopping me, flipping in the right direction.

See what can happen, when you trust in him with all of you. He will then use you for his purpose, how amazing if HE my dad Jesus.


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