Never give up, and never give in…

One in a million

I have talked about my cat before, Out 4 a Duck, he gets called a lot of other names, bubby boy, betty boo etc.

As I have said before, I am determined and with my cat, I could see the father working, and I was not giving up, I would win in the end and as you can see, he is healed with all the prayer, laying on of hands etc.

You see money is tight, but somehow with prayer money expanded, I asked the father to help, he needed his eye out, but before that we tried many pills, then needles, then out the eye had to come, then we got infected (squeezing, washing with salt water), back again more pills, needles and then back to have it opened to flush it.

All this would have cost a fortune, but when you tap into the father, miracles happen.

He was found in a paddock, wrapped in a sheet with another kitten, his foot had been cut off and left for dead. And then at the time, I was not going to have another pet, but HE CHOSE ME.

Somehow he knew that I needed him as much as he needed me, when I have asthma attacks at night, he gently touches my face and cries until I awake and take my puffer.

He has 3 legs, and now one eye, but to me he is still perfect.

I know when I see many walk past the blind, or past the not quiet right and think nothing of it, but I see, because I know Jesus sees.

And this little ball of love, shows me the father more than you can imagine, when I pray his head rotates around, because he sees angels.

Never underestimate, seeing through the eyes of all things living, for you just may catch a glimpse of the father.


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