Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow

All I can say is WOW.

We have been learning how to enter in. This is not just run of the mill, he has left the best till last.

Yesterday OMG, we stepped passed the veil, I was aware of the court of heaven. God seated, Jesus taking out paper and actioning it.  I wrote down everything that has been hampering my physical form and spoke it out within prayer. There is a specific way of doing this, I cant tell you right now, but know OMG.

Making what the adversary had against me VOID. OMG, OMG he is burning and turning to dust because he has nothing left on me. This is it, we are learning how to effect change.

Remember how I talked about Kathryn Kuhlman, at her services the miracles. By the way it wasn’t her it was him working through her vessel. She gave herself totally to her father and trust me, oh what a feeling, yahoo.

These miracles we are getting ready for, but it has to start with us. OMG, OMG you have no idea how I feel. I feel free, I will wait for the doctor result but OMG.

Wake up and listen, for he is working loud and clear in my life. Yabba dabba dooiee


I am debt free…

We use to always say, debt demolished.

I am here because of my dad, I survived with love, blessings and my veggie patch. Sometimes we do things we regret and this was mine, but I had to see it through and get to the end.

Sometimes when you struggle and I mean really struggle. Your blessings can really come, you get more with less than you would with plenty.

My father has shown me many things and this has been really hard, but so very worth it. Sometimes we have to be still, to wait on him to really succeed in life.

He is so very present in my life, I have been walking around like a chesher cat. Because of the miracle my dad did for me, I feel like a billionaire, trust me when I say no amount of money could give you this feeling.

Know when your blessed and really appreciate even the little things, for you are his child. Like I am his and I live for him….

We are nearing the finish line

OMG, I don’t know how to put it into words.

But I can sense the finish line and all I know is I have to study the word. I have to prepare for what is ahead.

Let me put this to you, if finances collapse, how will you survive? If food is not transported to shops, how are you going to eat? If everything goes upside down, what are you going to do?

I remember a vision the Lord showed me, when the world is dark, people are running around mad.

Does it not say, when Jesus comes back the world will be cast into darkness. The word is very specific, everyone who doesn’t know will panic. He showed me a young guy laughing in madness at burning churches to kill faith, I stood before him and said, its only a building, faith cannot be killed for it lives in everyone who believes”.

So when its dark and cold, will you be ready for he finish line…

Guess what, this proves it

Last night the speaker repeated those things that I have been posting about.

One point was your book in heaven, the book written about you. The one that has your destiny in it, and something I learned last night that I did not know.

If you haven’t been prophesied over lately, its because your book is not open. Now the word proves this, you need to be determined to have that book opened and for the pages to be fulfilled.

I don’t know about you but I want it, more than anything else. I want to finish what my father wrote about me.

For my beginning as a child, the wrong course my life went, remember he said to me, and what I always said to myself as a little girl, my life was not suppose to be that way. I was meant for great things, and I am not afraid, yes people doubt him and me.

But guess what, love covers all, the world teaches you not to trust, to doubt and the enemy tries to instil this in you.

But arise and shine for your light has come, that’s from dad. I am excited and ready, lets go….

Believe in Miracles

I believe therefore I receive, now his word says it and I do believe it with all my heart.

Last night I went to our church meeting, after worship someone asked who wants a miracle. I didn’t hesitate to say I do, my neck was at the point I wanted someone to remove it.

So they said Lord, she wants a miracle, I kept saying, come on holy spirit, please over and over and guess what.

My whiplash has gone, not here its vacated the premises. I slept like a baby and as I have sat for 4 hrs at the computer, no pain.

Why did this happen, because I did not doubt what my father could do. I have been getting ready, reading Kathryn Kuhlman (I believe in Miracles) and I asked the Lord to grant me one.

Now I am determined to have everything healed, I want the world to see what my father can do.

Asthma, gone, Whiplash gone tick tick tick. Now the rest of the list Holy Spirit, go for it father I give you free rein.

How well do you know

It is the question of the day, how well do you know him. How well do you know me, for I don’t want me anymore, I want all of him working within me.

Lets think about this, sometimes I may seem on another planet, but joyful. Well I know the journey is hard (trust me when I say, I know), sometimes we don’t get the sandy beach or holiday paid for. But boy is the story you have to tell at the end, worth it. Think about it this way, you get up in the morning, sometimes having a plan, but you trust things will run smoothly. You go about your day and things just happen, its called LIFE.

And its your life, you have this amazing story to tell. You think to yourself at times, if I only knew.

Well, dad does, your life has been written out, to turn out beyond anything you could think of, or wish for. Problem is the devil also read your book, so he wants to stop you.

Are you with me, trust in dad, nothing can stop you, just move one foot in front of the other.

Don’t look back, don’t try to make sense of things, just trust our dad. Make the confession that nothing will stop you, and find joy even in the midst of a storm. For he is shaping you and moulding you, “for greater things I have for you”.

What an amazing thing…

I am amazed more and more… why you ask, because things are coming to a head.

Change is here, its happening now and if your not with it or listening then your going to miss the boat.

We are always taught if you yell loud enough, someone will hear you. Well I am here to say he is working softly, but I can not only hear but feel him. He is with me right now, as to why I am posting again.

My dad is ever present and I feel so humbly blessed by him. I am grateful for my healing of my lungs, to be able to breath is such a blessing, when previously you couldn’t.

And I know my back is not far away, sometimes you have to break for him to be able to work. Dad I know this, I am sorry for everything, please heal me, heal me of everything, wipe me clean. For I am made whole again by you, I am healed and restored as it says in your word. Let me be an example of what can be done, when you believe and father I am one, who believes every word you say to me.

Be amazed for the manifestation is not far from me, I feel it and I am excited. I know my dad hears every word I utter, he knows my heart and he knows I trust him completely.

So move forward and be as a small child, trust him and listen. He loves everyone of us, don’t ever doubt that sometimes we have to get out of our own way, for him to move in…

I want everyone to experience the love I have for my father….

I really do want that, for people to experience the love of the father.

Some would think, what are you on about woman. But really this love feels like bursting out of me.

I have so much love in my heart and yes as I do for my siblings, I just need to be very careful. Power has been abused around me for many, many years and I need to tread carefully.

Sometimes its up to my father to change the hearts of others, I cannot and will not rehash what I have been through. I know what has happened to me, I don’t have to convince anyone else. It is not up for discussion because the past is just that, P A S T.

So move forward and build that bridge as the saying goes, we grow up eventually. Stop dwelling, stop trying to justify yourself, just move forward, its the key to everything.

When you cant go back, move forward and let things fall into place. You can only deal with today, today and when tomorrow comes then deal with that.

But love, covers all. Its the key to everything, love even your enemy enough and repent of not only your sin but those of your forefathers. Its time to take the shackles of the past off and move on.

Curiosity got the better of me…

I have a sister I have not seen since I was 18yrs old. Today I thought why not Google her, see what happens. Started with her kids and went from there.

Found a picture of her getting her hair cut for charity, OMG. Time really goes when you least expect it too.

Last time I was talking to her about a family thing to warn her son. I have a nephew and two nieces through her. When I was 18, she told me that the kids were not to know who I was.

I remember my baby niece was asleep in the bouncer and when she opened her eyes, one was brown the other blue.

Its sad that things have gone the way they have, I would rather step back and let them be. But I do wonder if she is curious about me. Trust me when I say, let sleeping dogs lie, family issues need the Lords attention. Some are just too big, to do by yourself.

I do pray she has had a good life, she seems happy, I was shocked because she is the only one with our mums nose.

What a week….

On Monday I went to pick up friends from the airport, its fantastic where I live. Because 20mins or less and you’re at the airport.

On the way back we were chatting and nearly made it, I was stopped at a roundabout waiting for the guy on the right and baammm. A guy ran right into me (from behind, his comment “oh I was looking to the right but didnt stop”), my instant reaction was to make sure the passengers in the back were ok, then to ask generally if everyone was ok.

The funny side of this is, first time ever for me. I was just thinking two days earlier I wonder what you do and what its like to be in an accident. Now I know, car just needs a little repair. My poor car and well looked after baby will be ok. LOL

I will be careful about my thoughts next time.

What has shocked everyone was its the first time it has happened, I only got a parking fine 3yrs ago that was a first too. No speeding fines thank you, don’t want one of those. No first required LOL. I go by the road rules, that way you can’t get into trouble.

If only others would do the same as it is with his word, thems the rules. Ask understand, entrust and all will be well with you.