We are nearing the finish line

OMG, I don’t know how to put it into words.

But I can sense the finish line and all I know is I have to study the word. I have to prepare for what is ahead.

Let me put this to you, if finances collapse, how will you survive? If food is not transported to shops, how are you going to eat? If everything goes upside down, what are you going to do?

I remember a vision the Lord showed me, when the world is dark, people are running around mad.

Does it not say, when Jesus comes back the world will be cast into darkness. The word is very specific, everyone who doesn’t know will panic. He showed me a young guy laughing in madness at burning churches to kill faith, I stood before him and said, its only a building, faith cannot be killed for it lives in everyone who believes”.

So when its dark and cold, will you be ready for he finish line…


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