Where is home?

I was about to leave you when I looked at one of my categories, HOME.

Where is the home you feel most safe and at peace?

Where is that place you love and is familiar most of all?

Mine, is where ever my father is. It’s so true, I love where I live and the people I have surrounding me. But truly, where he is, is my home.

I have a place that is so much and yet it’s not tangible to the world. It’s a treasure that you can only find when you begin a journey with him.

Find your home, start the journey to that secret place. I can tell you with utter certainty, you will love every bit of it.

Trust him, trust yourself.


Precious is he who loves me

It’s very simple heading but today more than any other day I am aware how precious he is to me.

I truly don’t know where I would be in my life without him. I would be lost, that’s where, out in no mans land.

How truly grateful am I to have what I have, so getting rid of material things is no biggie.

I sit here typing away knowing that will confidence. He loves me, the one thing I wanted when I was a child was to be loved. Without limitations or boundaries, just unconditionally.

I think in our lives we all want that, but my special love relationship with the Lord is worth more than all the money in the world.

Truly, and without hesitation God bless!!

Sell.. thats what I was told

Its funny I told have to be told twice, selling is great.

My children have several items, I need to speak to them or just place there items in a tub for when they visit.

I was desperate to get into my shed, having been able to bless people over time ended up limiting my own use.

But now, action stations, clear out the old to bring in the new.

Oh I hope it sells quickly, I am amazed at how liberating it is.

I love to building things..

Yes those dreaded flat packs, I get excited and love it, love it, love it.

I love-making a change, I love building a foundation for something immediate or in the future.

I make a plan and make it happen.

I think it’s the same as Jesus, he was a carpenter, held in high regard. He not only built things, he is building me today. Jesus is changing me in every way, he has a job for me and I must learn how to do it. What needed to change in me and how I can assist others with what I have gone through.

Maybe I am his flat pack…


Are we teaching the next generation to be stupid???

When I was younger, being a child came with lots of learning. Learning how to do things, what could be dangerous, how you made things. I remember bugging my parents with WHY, but I learned I was interested how it came to be. This generation is given a phone when they are babies to start off, but we are depending on an appliance to teach them, when you have a child a lot of effort goes into making them, you carry them for 9 mths. Why waste it?

This generation knows how to turn on a computer, ipad, phone etc etc. But what do they really know, do they know how to deal with a difficult situation or have we made them zombies by the shows and games we allow them to watch.

Can they pull apart something and put it back together? Do they know how fixing something can save you a lot of money over time. Do they know to save that screw or nail for a rainy day, do they know how to fix that shoe that needs a little glue or change a washer on a tap? Do they as they grow know how to save and change a car tyre?

There are many more questions I can think of, but really can they, do they know the basics of life or have WE been trained that it doesn’t matter or call someone else.

We are losing the generation that knows how to work things out and it really scares me. I know someone who makes time to fix things, he saves money but also has satisfaction of a job well done.

Some I know are the opposite and will throw anything out, my question to you is. Do you think Jesus would do that? Do you think he would go, I am the son of God therefore it doesn’t matter we will just get a new one.

No, teach your children the basics, mine hated washing the dishes by hand or cleaning. But now they are out on their own they can stand on their own two feet. They surprise me with what they have learned and I am proud of that. They can build on the basics and show their children.

Teach your kids to help out, the time it takes you will pay off in the end.