Last night I received

Last night was so wonderful, the night before I was praying for others then I started asking the Lord for answers to my prayers.

Well, I got them, yahoo, happy dance time. Someone was honouring the lord and spoke the words to me, a prophecy.

I loved it when the Lord said, ‘I will know myself as his daughter’, I was so very touched.

Then when the comment about touching his feet, that was in my prayer. The power of these words have not missed the mark.

I am about to go off like a fire cracker, I can feel the build up. Oh Lord this is going to be history making.

The Lord is showing himself more and more and I cannot be more happy, it is long overdue in my book.

Its time people knew that he is the only one to depend on, its like building something to withstand an earthquake. If the Lord wants to move it, then no preparation will make it stand any longer.

My father is going to show himself and people are going to finally be able to see, I pray that anyone who asks that my father gives them 1 chance to follow before they go. This is serious stuff in my book, I am not a wacked out Christian.

I AM my father’s daughter, I cannot be put into a box or be explained by one word. I am extraordinary, unique and marvellous, because I am HIS.

So again Lord, thank you and I love you father. As I always say, the man does Great Work!

What is hidden, WILL be brought to the light

These last few weeks has highlighted what needs correcting in me.

One is procrastination, yes I have had to deal with this one. If it’s for someone else, I will do it immediately. If it’s for me, then I leave it.

The lord has highlighted to me that, I must do it immediately, I am important and must move when I am told. And I have said before, I have to learn the lessons just like everyone else.

Another one that not many people knew, was I didn’t think I was good enough. Now I know I am, but I have to believe it, there is a difference.

I felt a burden, that I caused the father pain, that he took my sin and illnesses on his body. when he was nailed to the cross.

The pain I have been feeling and the remorse has been overwhelming, but I know there is a reason for this. Last night, I cried out to him and said, how sorry I was for the pain I caused. I never want to hurt anyone, especially him. But as he always says to me there is a time and a season.

I realized that I was also including, what I had been trained to do, doubt myself. I was always told I was never any good, worthless you know the drill. So thinking like the Lord, I know he has chosen me, but I did not feel worthy.

So after a discussion (with a trusted friend), it has dawned on me that he sees ME. He knows me and believes in me, so I believe the father. Remove the old way of thinking and take on the new.

I am processing this and part of the reason for this blog is for me to read what I have written, it helps me to digest the keys and helps to down load this in my data base.

I am a work in progress, the key here is there is progress.

Giving, are you a giver or a taker

I have found in life there are people who give to it and bring life and there are other that take away.

I love to give, whether it be of me, my time or something I may have. I love the feeling I get knowing I have done something that would please the Lord.

I have learnt that I must be wary of those who would take when they have not right too.

This comes with wisdom and time, I learnt once if you are getting angry or impatient, count 1, 2, 3 then 4 take a deep breath and expel it. In that time frame you give yourself time to reflex and wisdom does come (it works for me).

I read something that made me think: The Art of Giving.

The endless generosity, that brightly shines in you, brings a special quality, to everything you do.

You help and you inspire, with the love that you impart, you give your time and patience, and you share what’s in your heart.

Your kind and selfless nature, brings so many people pleasure, to know you is a privilege, that I will always treasure.

I never thought, about what people thought, of anything that I was doing, I only know that I want to give.

The real gift to me, is in the giving. But to have this little message handed to me, says more than I can share, all I know is it shows me, that what I am trying to do, (what my father wants) and how Jesus would act and react as if he was here with me. It’s awesome because I feel like it’s reminding me regardless of what people may say negatively, the good out ways this far more.

I don’t want to inspire personally, but I want my father to shine through me. I want him to have the glory, he is the one and only. I am just willing for him to use me as he sees fit, he loves me more than anyone ever could.

And I trust him with that.


The recipe, called life

I was thinking about life and recipes and thinking how similar than can be.

I have a recipe that I call death by chocolate, it is a rich mouse cake that ticks all boxes when I make it. You only need a small amount to be satisfied, it looks amazing and is talked about long after it is gone.

What I was thinking is when I make it I have to get all three parts set up, I have to beat the egg mix separately until creamy, I have to also have the cream just brought together (as if its has started to whip). I then have to melt the chocolate, slowly and with all the attention I can give it.

Then I work the chocolate into the egg mixture, this has to be timed by the heat left in the chocolate. Then I add it to the cream, pouring it in, in a steady stream until it comes together. Which happens rather quickly, then I place it in a spring formed tin with a chocolate ripple biscuit base.

Now I have just not cared and thrown it in, with disastrous results. Not worth the time I took to buy the ingredients.

It’s like my life, if I hadn’t taken one step at a time, learnt my lessons well. And taken from what I have learnt to build that cake. Then where would I be?

If I hadn’t put my father in charge of mixing me and putting me together the right way. Then my life would have been a waste.

I am not going to let my time here be wasted, I am going to do what I have to do and learn every lesson. To grow as a living vessel.

That is what I came up with, to me it makes perfect sense.

Wow, what an impact

I realize the last post can be taken, by anyone in different ways.

What has hit me and just now feel like I can breathe, it was not only for me but along with anyone else.

Remember I am not anymore special than anyone else, this is a journey that I have to take along with everyone else.

It is like my healing, I have to go through it to share what has happened to me. I cannot preach to anyone if I have not experience it.

Then it comes from nowhere, no experience or knowledge. It’s just like dead words, so the journey continues one step at a time.

Hell… what do you think it is like?

This morning has been very intense to say the least. You CHOOSE how you want take this.

After praying for 30 minutes the Lord put this question out.

From the book Heaven is so Real, ‘the people were naked, without hair, and standing close to one another, moving like worms, and the flames were scorching their bodies. There was no escape for those who were captured in the pit-its walls were too deep for them to climb, and hot coals of fire were all around the edges.’

She went on to write, I noticed multitudes of people who were wearing sand-coloured robes roaming aimlessly in the vicinity of the pit’s yawning mouth. Their heads were hanging low, and they looked very dejected and hopeless. “Who are these people, Lord?” I asked. “They are the disobedient Christians”.

She went on to ask how long they would have to stay their. “Forever, My daughter. The only ones who will enter My kingdom are the pure of heart -My obedient children.”

“Many who call themselves ‘Christians’ do not live by My Word, and some of them think that going to church once a week is enough. They never read My words, and they pursue worldly things. Some who even know My words never have their hearts with Me”.

“My daughter, My Word says that it is hard, to enter the kingdom of heaven, but so few really believe this and understand its importance.

Lastly the Lord said: “I am revealing this to you so you can warn them”.

Its our bodies that dies when the time comes, but your spirit is eternal.

Prayers to be heard….. this is mine


I ask in the name of Jesus for healing to this body.

That it will be like night and day.

Transformation from infirmities, now in the name of Jesus.

Father you word says I can have what I say, I choose healing now in your name.

You took this on the cross and it says in your word, your word never lies.

So father I am reminding you what you said to me that day, You would look after me.

Father I am reminding you of your word, I make a demand on you as a child that I no longer have pain or sickness. I demand from you today in your name, I am your daughter and as my father I expect this of you.

So father heal this body, so I can go out into the nations in your name.

I will begin to see consistent healing from today onwards as I consistently pray in your name 30 mins each day, this is my contract to you that I will do my part.

Father you said it, so I believe it. I cry out now in your name for this to be fulfilled.

My pray is, I want the world to see your miracles father, show them the way.