Life, it’s a funny thing

I was shopping with friends and came across one of those little framed sayings.

LIFE, it’s not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about dancing in the rain.

Now this sounds simple, yes. But do you get the meaning, it’s like the bible you can read it but if it is just words, your not getting the meaning.

You must have someone who is either of your spiritual parents to highlight this for you. It is just like you can hear, but also are you LISTENING.

We all have storms that are part of life, I am talking about you and what is going on either in you or with those close to you.

I have faced storms that would knock you down, but I say father I TRUST IN YOU and you will be my help and shield. Yes, I have cried buckets in my time, but I have to keep going.

Getting back to the meaning, when a storm is over you. Turn it around, I have gone into worship, I have sung when tears have been streaming down my face. But I will NEVER give in, that’s the key. A storm passes but I CHOOSE to make it pass faster by TRUSTING my father with my life and that of my children.

He has never given up on me, sometimes we need to flood to have the clean up. The idea is to keep watch, never become complacent and pray people. He loves each one of us and it takes all of us to be part of the body of Christ.


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