How far, have I come….

Something I realized this week was this, just how far I had come.

Before I was released by my father, I use to have to hold onto a lot of things, this overwhelming need to hold onto what I had.

Well, I found something that was my mum’s, it was rusty and I went and put it into the recycling and felt nothing. Nothing to have me, hold on to the point of making myself sick.

So thinking of just how far I have come, what has been taken from me and the injustice I felt, gone. Because I have put it all in my fathers hands, I know his justice is more than I could ever think of here, in the world.

So, as I go through things and downsize, I can get rid of things with no hesitation, but to ask if anyone wants it.

When you TRUST him with all of you, things that were important, are no longer so.

I am blessed, blessed beyond measure, because people know me, I do not hide away or think I am not good enough, but I stand in the knowledge that as long as he’s got me, nothing else matters.

He wants me to finish my mandate and I feel such freedom, knowing how bold I am now.

But also how I will not back down, but finally stand up for myself.

I read something today about gas lighters, and it showed me the evidence I knew, but could not put my finger on. It is all there in black and white, that is what I love about him, he shows you, when you ask, but then you must be still, to hear his response.

I am so close, I have felt a position of where, he will use me and those I know, to change events etc. There are two events that have happened that I stood for, when the world said no, I stood and went into demand change and it happened within a couple of weeks.

If you believe you are a son, and have been given power like Jesus, you get shown how to NOT take no for an answer, but also how to change the outcome.



Update about my miracle

As I think I posted before he has shown me the garbage of others I was carrying, and everyday I look in the mirror. I see change, slowly I am shrinking, and its not about what others want for me.

Its all him, its what he has done for me.

He is pleased with how I take things on, to face them and breakthrough.

Only with him by my side, can I know I have NOTHING to fear.

Then all falls into place and all I feel is JOY.

SO if you have something, speak to him now. Go find a quiet place, he is ready for you to come, for now is the time to worship, come now is the time to give your heart.

COME.. do not put him off till later.

Later won’t cut it, now will.

Letting go

I have come to the conclusion if I see no use for something I have, then I am letting go.

I was brought up, that if something belongs to someone else, you respect and honour that and look after it, until they collect it.

Which is honourable, but when it comes to my things or my past, enough.

I have used this time to go through things and if I have not used it, then out you go.

Its time, time for a new beginning.

Time to hit Go…

Fear is a liar

I will say this again and again, when others fear, I laugh at the situation.

When the songs come, I sing and sing LOUD.

For it is well with my SOUL, it is well with my SPIRIT, it is well because I know my father has me.

So, again DO YOU REALLY LOVE ME, his question a few weeks ago.

For if you love, you TRUST, you STAND and will not be moved and have no fear of arrest or death.

When your at that place, nothing else matters.

SO be blessed in that knowledge…and DO NOT believe the enemy’s lies.

Where I’m at..

Yesterday I had a visit and again I was shocked.

You see sometimes, I am able to look at myself and think well now, that’s new.

Something I have always been able to do, is remove myself and look from the other side.

I found yesterday, I remove myself from the emotion and think what would God do, he would see beyond the raw, yes there are times I have a good cry. But not often, because everyday I am aware of becoming stronger.

When you can grow in god and remove yourself from the effect, it is a bigger arena and another lesson learned.

Its like being able to see the trees and the leaves, sum it all up and read the messages, oh I just got the revelation.

Ooooh nice father.

You see when people speak, I hear the truth, that is what I am trying to say. Why am I able to do this, because I let him in, I have let my father train me.

I accepted all, that is when you get more than you ever thought possible..

Love my dad with all I have….

When a vision starts coming to pass

I may be repeating myself here, but when I first came into the church, where the father put me.

I could not understand why me, why I was there, as I have said before, condemnation had a big part.

But the father showed me, we had gone through some training and were like gate keepers or a form of pastors.

Now I never knew why, especially that part and I have not ever voiced it before. You see if I do not understand what I saw, how do I explain it.

So last night when he was speaking, the vision came back, we had built a building. The doors at the end were bi fold, to open up to the outside. We were assigned about 1000 people each, who if they had a problem, question etc had to come to us first, the ones in the church now.

And then we would know, the difference between those just seat warmers or those who hunger for God and all connected.

I look forward to the day when, people are driving and are just drawn to the spot. I remember the last bit clearly, I have to step outside to check on those in the car park area, you see they can’t fit inside, there are too many.

A woman come up and says to me, once I just say welcome, she seems confused but so humbled and says this, “I don’t know why I am here, but I had to come” I remember just saying, it’s OK. Don’t try and work it out, just be here, take a seat and enjoy.

You see there is coming time, when he will call them in. And he needs us to be ready, for the world will slowly fade away, because what he puts inside us will heal those he chooses. The world will finally not be able to, to question the truth but to realise what is the truth.

And I say, Amen to that. Yahoo

Money …..

I learn’t something else this weekend.

I had a problem with wealth. Now this may seem a weird and wonderful statement to those who read this.

But its true, money to me mean’t, becoming

  • full of myself & a moron
  • letting go of morals
  • not relying on god
  • wasteful
  • etc etc

So, I didn’t want it, even though I kept asking for the restitution of what had been stolen.

What I did was put up a spiritual road block. Not trusting that, my faith is in him to steer my ship.

But break through, I am ready to receive because he has trained me to become a good steward and know the difference between a need and want.

So bring it on, spirit of wisdom. I believe I am ready for receiving, but I trust you to know better than me.