How far, have I come….

Something I realized this week was this, just how far I had come.

Before I was released by my father, I use to have to hold onto a lot of things, this overwhelming need to hold onto what I had.

Well, I found something that was my mum’s, it was rusty and I went and put it into the recycling and felt nothing. Nothing to have me, hold on to the point of making myself sick.

So thinking of just how far I have come, what has been taken from me and the injustice I felt, gone. Because I have put it all in my fathers hands, I know his justice is more than I could ever think of here, in the world.

So, as I go through things and downsize, I can get rid of things with no hesitation, but to ask if anyone wants it.

When you TRUST him with all of you, things that were important, are no longer so.

I am blessed, blessed beyond measure, because people know me, I do not hide away or think I am not good enough, but I stand in the knowledge that as long as he’s got me, nothing else matters.

He wants me to finish my mandate and I feel such freedom, knowing how bold I am now.

But also how I will not back down, but finally stand up for myself.

I read something today about gas lighters, and it showed me the evidence I knew, but could not put my finger on. It is all there in black and white, that is what I love about him, he shows you, when you ask, but then you must be still, to hear his response.

I am so close, I have felt a position of where, he will use me and those I know, to change events etc. There are two events that have happened that I stood for, when the world said no, I stood and went into demand change and it happened within a couple of weeks.

If you believe you are a son, and have been given power like Jesus, you get shown how to NOT take no for an answer, but also how to change the outcome.



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