Smile and …

Remember the saying, smile and the world will smile with you.

Well why not, pray and the next to you will pray and so on.

It reminds me of that movie, pay it forward. I am a born giver, why? Because I feel like I have been given so much more than you could ever imagine.

As I go about my day, at every chance I tell people how the Lord saved my life again. I am passed caring and most responses are taught by the enemy, so I ignore it.

I love the fact I woke up today and its another before I get to see my father. I am glad to be breathing and I do not have to say sorry for the fact.

Its a wonderful day, because I am in it.

Its a wonderful year, because I have expectations of what is to come.

Get optimistic about your life, and find your joy in knowing your worth.


Australia Day

On the news recently its been said that some council want the day moved and its a reminder of a stolen nation.

Now wait a minute, for one thing if we are not reminded of history. Then we will make the same mistake again, history or your past is for you to learn from and move forward.

And seriously, you have homeless people, starving families and roads etc need attention. Get to work and leave it alone, what has been done has just that BEEN.

I am trying to figure out if I am part indigenous, even if I am, I feel strongly that you earn what you get. I know from experience if you rehash the past and become bitter and angry, you get no where.

So I say, bring on the day, lets celebrate how far we have come. Lets see the beauty of this country and that poem comes to mind which sums up how I feel about THE land that God has in his hands.

I love a sunburnt country – a land of sweeping plains – of rugged mountain ranges – of drought and flooding rain – I love her far horizons – I love her jewel seas – her beauty and her terror – THE WIDE BROWN LAND FOR ME

We are blessed to be here at this time, the time before his return, so go out and be blessed and smile for goodness sake. Be grateful for what you have, not what you don’t.

You do not loose when you give something up

Many times we are taught that if we give something up, we loose.

When you are a child of God and Jesus is on your side, you win more than you could imagine.

The last few days I have been very aware of how happy he is, about what I had decided to do and make a stand recently.

I feel him know, he was waiting for this. For now their is nothing stopping me. This I feel is a prophetic word.

Lets see what he has in store.

OMG, I do not understand why??

I believe before you can comment, you have to give things a chance (this does not cover sex, drugs or alcohol).

I watched 2 weeks work of Keeping up with the Kardashians, I wanted to know what the heck was so interesting.

Answer, NOTHING, last night Kim totally disrespected her mothers house and her mother said, nothing.

Seriously, the show even gave me nightmares. Seems a bit extreme, but really I had to pray, that the world finds them no longer of interest and that someone with Godly values turns them from the disaster they are heading for.

I am aware of things that many are not, but they are heading down hill and it frightened me. If they only knew the truth, Lord for the sake of the children, give them a chance to turn to you.

Enough its making my spirit feel sick, very aware of the enemy over their lives.


He is here with me…

Over the last few days, I have felt his presence. I have been talking and he has been answering.

To have a relationship with him is so valuable, to be humble by it, bumps up the value. To respect just what I have, is up another notch.


How many times do we try and only show our good side, but remember he knew you before you were created. He knows your thoughts before you think them, he sees the real you, he see your heart.

There is no place to hide, and no place to run.

So embrace him with all that you are and capable of, you will win every time.

I find joy in the little things…

Being blessed, I headed for Bunnings to have a look around. I love to think about what I can build or design or what is new out.

I always have been curious about those fly trap plants, so I bought one. Called it Jaws and have been finding all sorts of bugs to feed it.

As I said, I find joy in the simple things, like when I start feeling sorry for myself, I turn it around and make something, usually a jam or sauce.

At new years I bought out my sauce that I made a year ago, cross between tomato and barbecue, the longer you leave it the better. I let it to cook longer so it got darker and richer and so happy it was a hit…

Thanks Lord for giving me that talent, to improve on recipes and making those around me happy.

If you don’t ask, you don’t receive…

Now I have said this before, but I believe in him, so I asked.

Its funny, but I waited to see how hot it was going to be on new years eve. Then I txt everyone to ask them around for a barbecue.

I wanted to invite the Lord and others, so I prepared. Luckily I was trained how to make things happen, and with little effort. I make mental plans and once happy then I go for it.

My Pastor said to me, “what do you believe for in the new year” my answer was meant as a funny but I said, “my husband and to be wealthy”.

He gave me a little note to thank me and in it, were the words, for the giver will be made rich.

Hey, I will take that, when I think of how blessed I am by the father, I feel like a zillionaire, so why shouldn’t it be so… It does not matter how much money I have, I love finding a bargain, I love the hunt to find just what I want. I do not like to pay full price and I do not like labels, so the interest would grow.

I believe this will happen, for the thief be found he MUST restore 7 fold…

Christmas is hard…

At Christmas I get very teary, why you may ask.

Because of where my children are at, I cannot choose between them. So because circumstances I have Christmas alone, luckily I have friends who invited me for lunch. But I have to admit I would dearly love my table, surrounded by family, loving what I cooked for them, full of laughter and fun.

But I never regret my decision to follow the Lord, he is my top priority and I cannot choose anything over him. Its not up to me anymore, its all him.

Somehow I struggle with finance as we all do, I have never had a credit card, and bills turn up right on Christmas. But this year, money kept stretching and stretching, which without my belief, it would not happen.

I pray, that my children come out of the hands of the enemy and return home with open hearts.

As a mum I always want to make things right, this time I had to be hard and stand up for myself, hardest thing but I still love my son.