We have to change the way we think

I feel like shouting this sometimes, the world, ads, marketing tries to tell us how to live.

Do you not think, that Jesus died for us to live how the father has instructed.

Not to get all religious, but to live with honour, respect etc keeping it simple.

I see a road block as time to pray or look at the beauty around me.

I see a storm as a cleaning tool from heaven.

I see a obstacle used to hurt me, as growth, that makes me an over comer.

I see all this building my character and for that I am truly thankful.


You just gotta ask

We forget and complain if we don’t get what we want, but really.

Have you asked lately? I work under the assumption, that if you don’t ask, you do not get.

Say if its your Birthday coming up and you have always wanted something, no one is a mind reader.

So I say to the Lord, I would like, but I trust you whether you see fit to give it to me or not.

And I always keep in mind, he has the right time and season…

How trusting his word works…

Recently, I had to have my car serviced and a sensor replaced.

Now it took all I had spare to cover the cost, I refused to buy food that was not required. I would pay for it, I get so driven to succeed, you have no idea.

So part one service, done and paid. A week later, getting the part, done and paid.

Now I had enough food for about 4 days, but would not get me to Tuesday.

I sat quiet and said Lord, you will take care of my needs, you know how stuck I am. I have no one but you, no credit card.

So I am trusting you to supply, I went back to work and got on with it.

Next minute someone I knew, pulled up to my front door and dropped off a box of food, Hello fresh meals. The lord knew my allergies and what I could have and not have.

That food made it past Tuesday and I told the person, I felt so loved, so blessed and knew, if you trust what his word says, he will never fail you.

EVER praise to the father God and lord Jesus

When love cover all..

These words, think about it for a second or two..

Love covers all

When all looks abandoned, his love covers us.

When it seems like nothing is working, his love covers us.

When we see only one set of footprints, his love carries us.

His love covers all…. so don’t forget to give a little love.

Oh what words can do…

This has been on my mind a lot, because when I was younger. To be kept quiet, I was shut down, telling me that I was lower than the gravel in the driveway. Your worthless, no one will ever love you, your dirty etc etc.

All this I know now, was words from the enemy, to stop me. One individual who would say to others, she is always wanting to be the centre of attention, this was used, when the said person wanted control, wanted to make me feel worthless. Because of a long-held jealousy towards me, I was always quiet and wouldn’t say boo. No one knew I existed until I was about 8 because I would hide.

Well I am very aware of it all now, I feel great pity, that, that person can never stand and be recognised for just being them, they have to always compare themselves and strive for what they see as never being perfect.

Well in my fathers eyes I am, it never mattered before and it does not now. But those words, stuck, they cut my heart. And I never did anything with the gift and ideas I had.

I know the father will allow what he deems important to come forth, in his right time and season.

And with that I found my peace, I TRUST him in all he has for me and with that I love him more.

We have gone just too far the other way, but I know, it’s never too late and the time will come.

For that I am sure, with faith, I believe and with all I am, I trust…