9 variants of Covid, do we know all we too

Did you know there are 9 variants of Covid.

I was watching NBC and the head medical guy said this, he also said, the new variant MU is being tested and they think it is immune to any vaccines and believes if not this one, then the next.

SO, why do we not know this in Australia. He said what I have been thinking, it mutates because people keep moving around. Sounds right to me, so what I keep thinking is, we all stop, pick a date and stop for one month, then I would like to know what happens.

BREAKING! Israel’s Covid chief calls for fourth vaccine dose “If it doesn’t work the first three times, just keep trying” Israel should begin preparations for administering fourth coronavirus vaccinations, the nation’s pandemic coordinator has said as daily infections continue to rise.


I am dumb founded when people…

Watching the show, how people were set up to comment on the obese to get others reactions.

IT MADE ME FEEL SICK, why do others conform to think that is OK, to make others feel small. And then join the other idiots, in a laugh or giggle, I mean really, who are these people.

If someone is out and getting some sun, it is not about how they look, it is about there heart and making sure they are OK.

If I was there on that beach and other individuals had been talking smack, I would have set them straight.

A person is of value, if the father thinks it, then what is wrong with us.

I always come back to this statement, who made you Judge, jury and executioner and instead of joining the gang, like in school, grow a brain and a heart and be the change.

Stand up for the right, to not only stop the course, but be bold enough to show a new one.

IT has nothing to do with, how good I may think I am, that does not rate in any way.

IT is about empathy and heart, love and honour.

Acceptance, not the illusion

I watched two shows that I wish I could yell from the roof tops.

One was Todd Sampson, Mirror Mirror the other What Australia thinks about obesity.

Now the truth is, I have been size 10 and was not happy. (Treated like meat, when all I wanted was the value of my mind)

I have been size 24 and not happy. (Because I am constantly looked down upon to not be good enough)

Why, because the world tells me so…

BUT, the world is not correct as I see it, social media tells us, we must be sexy, or a certain way too, have value.

REALLY, I go by this, if I am well, then that is a positive, if my blood work is better than a runner or gym junkie, then another positive.

IF the world, does NOT VALUE ME, then that is the problem of the world.

I have lived and I had value at size 10, but could not see it, because it was all about my looks.

I have lived as a size 24 and become invisible, why, because the world had been conformed to not recognise me, as value. And eaten when others have made me feel of a lesser value, your body will fit the weight it is suppose to be, when your well.

And world, my father VALUES ME.

My father, loves my stretch marks, my operation marks, my cellulite and all other lumps and bumps, because HE SEES MY REAL VALUE as a whole.

He sees my mind, my heart, my soul and all and any faults and loves ALL OF ME.

So, if you feel like your not enough, yell and say this, I am worthy, I am of value and I am loved…

It really is that simple

Can you see, stepping out and seeing both sides

This is how I see things, it’s a gift (I know this now) to see myself and others point of view.

This allows me to work things out, it allows me to balance many things, when others are stuck on one side.

It is easy to get frustrated, waiting for people to catch up, but I was gifted my mind for a reason. That is something I do know, and I do not think any less of others because of it, I just know, that sometimes you have to wait for their time, time to catch up.

The other day, I was entrusted with a moment and from experience I had the answer. If you are the trained to be the fixer, and try to do everything then, everything will be OK, but you get into a position where you become, not OK and cry, you feel broken and shattered (but that is exactly where he needs you to be, to rebuild).

But knowing what I know, this is a good thing, you see, you cannot change a person and you have no right too. But you have a power to help, when they are ready (not you), because when you have come from the world into a place of his rest, you get it, plain and simple.

I have seen how damage is done when your younger, and it sometimes sticks as an adult, then because your so use to it, you become blinded to it. And you behave in a way, that proves it over and over, but until you admit it, then change cannot take place.

It is the same with everyone, I am not following the crowds, I am in a place of knowing. As I go back to that place as a little girl, when I first had my encounter with him. Through it all, I learned, I listened and I watched, I found my place in him, not in the world and I am happy and content.

I see others hurt, I see everyone as unique and special, we are never perfect, but as long as we trust in him, let the rest go. And it will be well, with my soul…

How wonderful is the father

Many times these past few weeks, have I thought to myself, how wonderful he is.

How wonderfully protected I feel, because of how I feel his love.

Sometimes, I stop and think of several different areas, how the world runs around, grasping at straws to try and stay ahead of the game.

But, what game? Why are you constantly running, why are you not smart enough to know and trust the truth, the truth that I know, that God is real, Jesus died for me and is returning.

I was chatting to my doctor the other day, I went over how miracles have taken place and how the enemy has tried to take me out, seeing it now from a person who is, my own witness to these miracles.

I reminded him of my bulging disc, the result and how I cried out to the father, how the next scan showed no evidence of it, his reaction and the mass, how certain things have evaporated into thin air.

All I keep thinking is this, if the enemy is trying so hard to stop me, then when I get weary, all I have to think of is flipping my mind set, if he is trying so hard, then what he read of my book, MUST BE GREAT. Then I put myself in the trust and knowledge of this, what ever the father has in store for me to do. Is not mine to own, but joy in the fact he can use me, and know that I will do it, willingly.

This is a place I keep wanting the world to come too, a place of peace, a place of knowing who he is. It is not about glory, or fame, its about LOVE, in its purest form.

So, take the time to tell him, tell him you love him, that you trust him and be at peace.

Pray in the spirit and find joy in your life, because most of the time, when your not paying attention, your missing it…