Can you see, stepping out and seeing both sides

This is how I see things, it’s a gift (I know this now) to see myself and others point of view.

This allows me to work things out, it allows me to balance many things, when others are stuck on one side.

It is easy to get frustrated, waiting for people to catch up, but I was gifted my mind for a reason. That is something I do know, and I do not think any less of others because of it, I just know, that sometimes you have to wait for their time, time to catch up.

The other day, I was entrusted with a moment and from experience I had the answer. If you are the trained to be the fixer, and try to do everything then, everything will be OK, but you get into a position where you become, not OK and cry, you feel broken and shattered (but that is exactly where he needs you to be, to rebuild).

But knowing what I know, this is a good thing, you see, you cannot change a person and you have no right too. But you have a power to help, when they are ready (not you), because when you have come from the world into a place of his rest, you get it, plain and simple.

I have seen how damage is done when your younger, and it sometimes sticks as an adult, then because your so use to it, you become blinded to it. And you behave in a way, that proves it over and over, but until you admit it, then change cannot take place.

It is the same with everyone, I am not following the crowds, I am in a place of knowing. As I go back to that place as a little girl, when I first had my encounter with him. Through it all, I learned, I listened and I watched, I found my place in him, not in the world and I am happy and content.

I see others hurt, I see everyone as unique and special, we are never perfect, but as long as we trust in him, let the rest go. And it will be well, with my soul…


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