Dear Hubby

Dear future husband
I had a feeling so strong to write to you.
I may be a harder nut to crack but don’t give up.
I love yellow flowers and snow white freesia’s.
Please don’t buy me any man made items, you will need to learn about my allergies. And honey, you gonna have to like the shade of green I love.
kindness touches my heart.
When it comes to being close, I am a very private person and I really dislike embarrassment, privacy is key to our start.
Words are great, but actions speak loud and clear to me.
And when I may seem tough, trust that I know what is happening or going too. Protection has been a reflex, many years in the making and seeming to be tough is part of that.
So when I finally meet you, a joke or a laugh can be part of that reflex, but dig a little deeper. God knows we are each others match and trust why he will put us together, in his right time and season….
xxx B

We forget to separate…

Many times I hear people comment about a person and muddle the waters.

What do I mean, prime example, many in America don’t like Donald Trump.

Well hello, that is beside the point, I ask you this, is he doing a good job?

I hear he saved billions of dollars, he may ruffle the feathers, but he didn’t pluck any.

And by the way, a country needs to be run as a business most of the time. Not run by an actor who wins votes from a fan club.

Another Kim K, she might have done something good recently, but really she is famous for not doing anything. And she uses her body for fame, am I the only one who sees the sale of her soul for money.

Maybe, maybe not, but really we need to be a little more wise, for wisdom should be of most value.

The old way, sometimes is the only way.

More and more the younger generation, think they know it all.

But we have not taught them, what history has come before. And so they go off, thinking they know, but most of the time. It all seems like just a fiction novel and not at all real.

So, go back, bring forth his word, the awful history that he, not only had to go through for us.

But wars and all the bad hidden things, we need to remember and know the suffering. To be humble and move forward with all the knowledge, so we don’t repeat it again.

I use to think at times, I got it more than others, then he corrected me, honour has to be advised. You must go under authority, because even when something may seem fool proof, the enemy can use it.

I think it this way, before it happens, he dangles the lollies before your eyes. To see YOU take the bait, but hold back, for the true father has the whole shop for you and much much more….

Trust in me…

How is the trust in me and I in him which can lead you to be a very good steward.

I have always been very trustworthy, as in you leave valuables or money with me and it will be the same when you return. Doesn’t matter how much or how valuable, if it is not mine then I must respect that.

So the words in Luke 16 V 10 – 13 ring true in me.

10 He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much. 11 Therefore if you have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches? 12 And if you have not been faithful in what is another man’s, who will give you what is your own? 13 No servant can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.

How many times do you think if you got away with something small, ooh goodie. Well I don’t, I go back and tell them, then if they freely give, I can receive.

If you love him, his word and are so very grateful to all he has done, then this will be a breeze.

And do not give the accuser any room to say otherwise.

When the going gets tough

I am so very thankful, the enemy has tried to finish me off many times and failed.

What did it do inside deep deep down, it trained me. So when it gets tough, I hunker down and hang on.

I will not step back, I will take each movement closer to him, even if I have to crawl.

Why, because when you know him like I do and know what his word can do.

You get tough, and when the going gets tough, this tough cookie gets going..

It might seem cliche, but its up to you. You can either continue to be a victim of the enemy or flip it and become a survivor.

Who can then use what has been, for those to come across your path. To show by evidential proof that he is real, that by doing what the word says, they can also be survivors, using what has been for good.

To make those in the world know that when they think we may be foolish, we have become wise beyond reasoning.

Be blessed, suns out I am off yahoo.

My miracle with dogged determination

Now I have to be blunt so you understand, in 2013 I was given a procedure that showed I had Diverticulitis.

What were my symptoms, remember the mass it caused me to have problems getting rid of waste, black, rust, light tan, yellow and even a shade of green were seen. I had tests after tests that always showed I had infection, I had fever pain, gas coming from places I could not explain. And a smell that was worse than a septic swamp.

So I listened at the time, diet changed, fibre I had to watch reduce etc etc. The threat of either having an operation etc was said, so what did I do.

I listened, but would not accept, I had to say the words in the world, but I did not take it in.

I said to the Lord, I am not accepting this, I am your daughter and of your DNA. If I am meant to fulfil your plan for my life, then you have to fix this vessel, I demand it in Jesus name.

I will not accept this in anyway (I was determined with no doubt, he word says if you believe then you receive), by the blood of Jesus Christ who took this on him for me, it is removed in Jesus name. I demand it to go, I said this over and over and I would not accept anything else, even when things got really tough.

So I praise the Lord and father God, for hearing my words and making this MIRACLE happen for me. I feel so very humbled and thankful for taking this from me. Tests on Tuesday showed no sign of it and never being there. Yahoo

You can have it too, get so very determined that you cannot fail by his blood that covers me.