Dear Hubby

Dear future husband
I had a feeling so strong to write to you.
I may be a harder nut to crack but don’t give up.
I love yellow flowers and snow white freesia’s.
Please don’t buy me any man made items, you will need to learn about my allergies. And honey, you gonna have to like the shade of green I love.
kindness touches my heart.
When it comes to being close, I am a very private person and I really dislike embarrassment, privacy is key to our start.
Words are great, but actions speak loud and clear to me.
And when I may seem tough, trust that I know what is happening or going too. Protection has been a reflex, many years in the making and seeming to be tough is part of that.
So when I finally meet you, a joke or a laugh can be part of that reflex, but dig a little deeper. God knows we are each others match and trust why he will put us together, in his right time and season….
xxx B

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