We are nearing the finish line

OMG, I don’t know how to put it into words.

But I can sense the finish line and all I know is I have to study the word. I have to prepare for what is ahead.

Let me put this to you, if finances collapse, how will you survive? If food is not transported to shops, how are you going to eat? If everything goes upside down, what are you going to do?

I remember a vision the Lord showed me, when the world is dark, people are running around mad.

Does it not say, when Jesus comes back the world will be cast into darkness. The word is very specific, everyone who doesn’t know will panic. He showed me a young guy laughing in madness at burning churches to kill faith, I stood before him and said, its only a building, faith cannot be killed for it lives in everyone who believes”.

So when its dark and cold, will you be ready for he finish line…


Ooh almost forgot to tell you

Last year when Halloween came around I had a what the moment. Which you can read back on.

My new word is conniption, telling kids its ok to knock on strangers doors and get lollies, is just plain dumb.

Anyway this year I was laying on the couch and all of a sudden the Lord pressed upon me to take authority.

So out the back I went (this was about 10pm) I said in a very loud voice; “In the name of JESUS, I take authority, from the North to the South and the East to the West, from midnight tonight till midnight tomorrow night the authority is mine in my father’s name”. Bazinga take that devil, I thought yahoo at the time.

As I was doing so, I pointed in the direction in which I was speaking, and I have to say is totally quiet.

Quiet, what do I mean, no kids walking down my street, no feeling of weight in the spirit. It was clear and free, Jesus was in charge of it all.

All I did was act when prompted, the feeling of clear air was magnificent.

My new neighbours can either move or live with it, but my father will have what he requires that is me.

As I always say he does great work, for those whom are willing to act.

Learn sometimes to take your hands off

That was the message from God last week when we hit another level.

Sometimes it is hard, all I know is when my father gives me a direction. I am not smart enough to question it, so I just do.

Remember he knows my end from my being, so just make sure its him speaking and all is well in the world.

Why I said make sure its him, remember the devil is trying to make you slip up so you must be on guard. He can be sneaky, so have your sword and your shield at the ready.

Be blessed and know that the love I have with my father, its there for you. He loves you, but will not mess with free will.

Remember the movie Bruce Almighty some things in it were funny, but true.

Gifts and talents???

I hear people say to me all the time, you have so many different gifts and talents!


Thinking about this, I think I have the answer.

God gives gifts and talents to a lot of people, but they give up, put it off or turn away.

So he has these things he needs to be done, I think, he has to give them to, whom is willing.

Because people have dropped the ball, he goes ok, you said you would, honour your word to me, and all these things will be added.

I dont have one more special to the other, it makes me no greater than the person sitting next to me.

But he knows I will move, when he speaks. He knows I will get over myself, and do his will for me.

Thats why, and he knows I will not list my good deeds or ask for the glory. But humble myself with meekness, do what needs doing for him.

I can do all things in Christ, who stengthens me.

What is it with us women, let it go already

Ever noticed when you are ticked off or angry, you have to keep at it.

You have to make sure your point is the only one relevant, until you run out of steam and shut up.

It’s like killing an insect, we spray, falls to the ground.

Then we hit it with a shoe, till its insides come out.

Because we aren’t satisfied, we squish it into mush.

So you have your say, then go back again. Whack whomever your arguing with, just encase you haven’t been heard, then we squish it into oblivion just for good measure.

We have to learn to let it go already.

We are not always right, we don’t, have to have the final say.

From one women who use to do this, think of a balloon deflating and let it go.