Gifts and talents???

I hear people say to me all the time, you have so many different gifts and talents!


Thinking about this, I think I have the answer.

God gives gifts and talents to a lot of people, but they give up, put it off or turn away.

So he has these things he needs to be done, I think, he has to give them to, whom is willing.

Because people have dropped the ball, he goes ok, you said you would, honour your word to me, and all these things will be added.

I dont have one more special to the other, it makes me no greater than the person sitting next to me.

But he knows I will move, when he speaks. He knows I will get over myself, and do his will for me.

Thats why, and he knows I will not list my good deeds or ask for the glory. But humble myself with meekness, do what needs doing for him.

I can do all things in Christ, who stengthens me.


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