Update on last post

I just finished saying this morning that when it came down I heard a sound like blades of a huge fan or engine going.

I was told today that it was the sound of the winds of heaven, yeehaa.

How awesome is that, to hear the wind, to know change is a coming down. I am so excited, I feel like dancing.

And today in prayer I was wearing a white robe with a big pendant that was purple stone, size of a dinner plate, sounds good to me.

Get excited people.


I entered in again

I am so very aware of a lot of things happening, its like living in one world and being very aware of his.

To enter in again and be aware of them coming down for me, remember the Casper movie when they were coming down and the sound of blades that is what I was aware of. Made me laugh but oh so humble, to be made feel that special. Being given that privilege is wonderful and no money can buy it. So I added to my list to make sure nothing is missed out on. Things have to change, that is my goal, faith is key to receive you have to believe.

And on Friday the girls turned up for a visit, so funny one of them bought 3 garments for me, something to wear soon. And we went and saw the movie Sully, when all seemed against him. He asked the relevant question, what about human error. Time was the key here, so easy to trust a computer, but sometimes the human factor has to prevail.

Tid bit, I was watching a show the other day and I was really interested. I didn’t know that if a sun flare is big enough it will cut out all computers, think about it, transport, trains, planes and all we use will stop. Makes you think we rely a little too much, do we know how to fly a plane like Sully if this happens.

Are you concerned about your computer, that is the knowledge of God’s word. We cannot keep relying on some other form to give us power, we have to seek it the old fashioned way. READ and pray all by ourselves….

I have a feeling

I have a feeling that today is going to be above and beyond my imaginings.

I don’t know what is about to happen but, I am having problems concentrating so its going to be big. I know that the Lord is going to fulfil his word and its going to show the world, that with laying the ground work, tithing also your time, moving into his kingdom by letting go of the hold of the world.

Nothing can stop you, I know the enemy has been working over time to try and use anything even family. I have made my decision that was not easy, to walk on, my children are adults they have to walk there own path. I pray that they come into a place of understanding.

I alone have to choose, the other day someone said something about my husband to come. I said, “that there is only one man in my life”, and its true in my heart. He is the only one that has truly loved me and never let me down or broken my trust. Anything that has been hard, inside I have known to trust him, for I cannot see the architects plans, but I know that he has the qualifications to build and let the destiny of my life unfold.

So I have a feeling, woohoo, lets see what unfolds

I kneel’ed before the king

Yesterday in prayer meeting we again entered in, I had this incredible urge that took over everything, to kneel and kiss the feet of Jesus in thanks.

I was in the most high place, I saw curtains draping the walls and I was aware of God sitting, partly lounging which made me so happy. The man needs a rest after all he did, (its funny but every time I am aware of him, he has a smile on his face) then another curtain draping in front. And the man, Jesus taking what we were praying for, the verdict on the matters we put before him.

When I knew it was him, I was overcome with joy. I cried, laughed and bowed before him. I didn’t know if it was OK to kneel in this most honoured place, so I leaned over to ask my Pastor wife she said, “Of course”.

So I kneel’ed and saw his feet and kissed them in honour, of him being my father, my protector and the one who truly loves me. How awesome, what a wonderful gift to be given, to be given the gift of being able to enter into that room of the most high.


Raise your hands in victory

Do you realise that when you raise your hands to the Holy Spirit as a sign of worship and adoration what your really showing.

When you hold your hand up, you show as you are standing a sign of the letter V the first letter to the word VICTORY.

I was just praising and our father showed me that Be blessed.