I kneel’ed before the king

Yesterday in prayer meeting we again entered in, I had this incredible urge that took over everything, to kneel and kiss the feet of Jesus in thanks.

I was in the most high place, I saw curtains draping the walls and I was aware of God sitting, partly lounging which made me so happy. The man needs a rest after all he did, (its funny but every time I am aware of him, he has a smile on his face) then another curtain draping in front. And the man, Jesus taking what we were praying for, the verdict on the matters we put before him.

When I knew it was him, I was overcome with joy. I cried, laughed and bowed before him. I didn’t know if it was OK to kneel in this most honoured place, so I leaned over to ask my Pastor wife she said, “Of course”.

So I kneel’ed and saw his feet and kissed them in honour, of him being my father, my protector and the one who truly loves me. How awesome, what a wonderful gift to be given, to be given the gift of being able to enter into that room of the most high.



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