Please be inspired to reach

I hope that these little glimpses inspire you to reach for the bright and morning star.

And it does not take a lot, but it takes you, handing it all over.

I am praying for you, whom I do not know, for the time is now.

There is no time left to play or put off the inevitable, if you love him.

Leave no stone un-turned, just give it all over to him.

Surrender all, not part, ALL.


I am more ignited than ever before

I cannot express just how, full I feel.

How buzzed I am, so ignited because what I have been getting matches up.

Matching up and no longer waiting for others to catch me.

Once I heard our pastor say, he had to come down about 6 notches to meet us, so we get the message.

That is something I have never forgotten, because we should meet him at his level, not overtake, but as a son.

I had this hold, keeping me back, so I did not stand out or tread on toes, but I can’t, I keep waiting and I cannot anymore.

I must keep up with the father not only of the house, but the journey I am now on.

I must, I have no other option, people think they have a choice, well I don’t and I am glad of it.

Glad that I am getting on and doing what I must, yes I must also keep watch to not get ahead of myself, but I have too, I think you can tell by now, there is no other signal than green..



Sometimes a simple word can mean a lot

When I was at my doctors, I started joking about the usual notes when you given paper, sex my response in brackets (having had it in 20 yrs), says I was born in …(but I beg to differ).

He asked me, well when do you think you were born, I said to him, (if your talking with God in mind then isn’t it called, eternal life, regardless of the vessel I now reside in).

He looked at me right in the eye and said, “Your right” I know I don’t have to be right or wrong, but I know the way we try and figure things out via the world’s training doesn’t seem to match with his.

I think about things as I chat to him (the father) and this is so strong, to be here, we have to be seen as a human, but if your, your fathers, then really what is your real name, the one give to you that he has for you and how old are you.

Think about it… for thought

I am flying

It is just so amazing and I feel it more and more, my spirit is flying, I feel like I am on the right track, finally.

I feel like I am going ahead in leaps and bounds, the other night I saw myself on level 343, what got me is he kept saying, stand up and get off.

I was sweating and I could not stand, so I crawled off, I was in these pebbles on the level, still I was told to stand but I could not, I heard a chuckle and someone say, “there is rat pee on the ground” which would make me move, but I just kept saying, “I do not care, I can’t stand”. Then another chuckle and he was in the form of Guy Sebastian which made me laugh.

But I said, at least I got off, I woke up in a sweat because the one thing I do not like is heights. But I will stand in time, oy so hard. LOL

Reset and engage

I find it interesting how people will not let him reset their lives.

They engage in the world more than him, when he is trying to get there attention and they cannot hear.

I feel him, I hear him, I love him.

I willingly want to be reset, I willingly want and try to engage.

Its really simple thing to do, the key is be available to him.

Be available and put down the disruption that causes you to turn your head away.

Just be….

God is amazing, how he helps you daily

I think we take him for granted some times and forget the great work he does.

We forget to take note of the simple things, yesterday was no different.

I am humbled, I am blessed, I am loved.

These are things we have to realise day after day, we need to know his wonderful work.

We need to know just how marvellous he is.

And when I say, I feel prophetic words coming to pass, its him working through me.

Its him, using this vessel, that people see but can’t see him.

Its always him, never me, but I am thankful for him choosing me, he sees something I don’t. But I trust him, so I just go with it.

I do not make plans, for if my life is his, then nothing should come forward that I want, should it?

That’s the way it resonates in me and I love it.

What if I said…

OK, think of this, do you try and control those around you.

Do you try and control your kids, your hubby or family.

Do you try and control what you do.

I have a revelation, control is an illusion, you are never in control.

God is in control, but if you decide to think your the director or CEO, think again.

Because when you get over yourself, and let him.

All will fall into place with such ease, you will be astounded.

Time to be scared if you don’t know the father

I believe it is time, time to be scared at how much he can knock you out.

I respect him so much, because if he created heaven and earth in one week, who am I to not see that if I do not follow what he has said, he can knock me out.

And when God knocks you out, your dead.

Enough, its time the world woke up, its not right to murder, judge or cause harm.

He is in control….

When you take the time

I was just wondering, when you take the time to take stock of what has been going on in your life.

What do you do with it, how is your attitude, I look at things two ways. Might sound bizarre but I am extraordinary the way the father made me.

I look and think to myself certain things, mainly I laugh, because I consider it done and dusted so move on and get it right.

I have had too think about how the enemy tries and tries especially when its going good.

But my thought process now is, I am not stopping, I have to keep going and make a stand.

I must, for my father, for if I let something so simple move me and my emotions take over then I have not learned, and I must learn how to change what has happened before.

I must stand up, not only for my life but my mission and what I have to do.

I have no other way, I know that, as I found out in the last week. I am changing and I am inspired that I can see the change.

So don’t give up or give in, just change as he shows you, then take each step you need to do and trust trust trust in his outcome.

It will all fall into place for the right reason, of how he sees your life….to be.