When you take the time

I was just wondering, when you take the time to take stock of what has been going on in your life.

What do you do with it, how is your attitude, I look at things two ways. Might sound bizarre but I am extraordinary the way the father made me.

I look and think to myself certain things, mainly I laugh, because I consider it done and dusted so move on and get it right.

I have had too think about how the enemy tries and tries especially when its going good.

But my thought process now is, I am not stopping, I have to keep going and make a stand.

I must, for my father, for if I let something so simple move me and my emotions take over then I have not learned, and I must learn how to change what has happened before.

I must stand up, not only for my life but my mission and what I have to do.

I have no other way, I know that, as I found out in the last week. I am changing and I am inspired that I can see the change.

So don’t give up or give in, just change as he shows you, then take each step you need to do and trust trust trust in his outcome.

It will all fall into place for the right reason, of how he sees your life….to be.


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