I feel like crying

I feel so much for those who I see are lost.

People crying for healing, and rescue of there souls and spirits. I try so much to help, but you have to some times step back to they truly fall.

For his word says, I want you to come, broken and repent humbly before him. Then he can work in you, then he can build you up,

Oh father please, put me in that place when you need me. I am willing to help even if people mock me, I want to do your work. Not for my glory but for you alone.

Vision: Many years ago I had a vision of a red carpet, there were photographers wanting to take my picture and I kept crying out, it’s not me that heals it’s my father, people were trying to get to me to be healed because they thought it was me.

They didn’t understand because they don’t see him, I remember it well and clear. I followed his instruction and he chose the people who were to be healed by his miracles.

If that is what he wants, then go for it father. I want what he wants but my soul cry’s out for you, I want to see you in heaven, I want you to have the life he wrote for you to have. We deserve this and I do love you because my dad does and what he does I want to have in my life.

I am now crying as I type this, because I know the dark place I once was in and the light I sit here now in and I want everyone to have this. I want you to know what real pure love is, what it feels like to have his beautiful love in your life.



The Veil needs to be lifted

I remember when I use to be like a horse with blinkers on, I could only see a set range.

But when my father lifted the veil, I could see and understand so much. It was like the world had just been created for me.

I was talking to someone I know and it shocked me, people think if they read certain books then that’s the truth. There is so very much more and you need to know to keep yourself protected.

I admit as I have before that I was led by someone to do reading’s, because I knew things, this was a big mistake but a very big learning experience. When you tread where no body should, they use the arch angle Michael.

Because the enemy tries to make it all sound so good that like lollies in a shop we get tempted, but he hooks you, with a big grappling hook. Remember he has read your books and wants to stop you, for fulfilling your destiny.

I know more than you can imagine how bad this is to be hooked in, do not be fooled. What I know now comes from my dad as it should have been before, it has taken a huge task to remove this evil that I tapped into from my life.

You are dicing with your life, I know this to be true. My real father, Jesus and his dad God and the holy spirit is my goal, my very life and breath.

Father lift the veil and let them see the truth, shine a light and reveal the enemy’s plan. Be very careful, I heard yesterday that someone I use to work with has had some news.

I warned this person, you cannot pick and choose what you want to have of God and live immoral, you then remove God’s hedge of protection around you and allow the enemy access.

People, please understand this, it’s not a joke, it is not a game, dad wants us, all of us. Not enough to appease our minds. And give you a pass, it doesn’t work that way, you have to adhere to my dads rules to get to the glory.

I am trying to help you and save your eternal life. But you have to help yourself too….




Well well well

Yesterday was a history making day. My father has his way in the American election, I know things are going to change big time, but my father has a plan. Trust the plan.

Someone said last night, that Isiah 45 is what he is Sirus, just hold on for the ride is all I can say, because dad is good at what he does.

Our father took the foolish to confound the wise, what got me is she didn’t have enough decency to go out and thank her supporters, not good Jan. And to think she got every media person she could to support her, kissing butt all the way OMG.

One woman interviewed said the red down the centre, is like America is haemorrhaging, my instant knowing was you have been for years, the world could see it. Now God will have his way, I see things no one else sees but I know with everything in me this is going to be ok.

I have known business people who are so bad, you need someone so strong to clear them out. That is what he is going to do, don’t look at what he says, see in the heavens.

Grasp hold and know if your in the right place with our dad, your safe. I think I may nickname him Gods Garbolagist.

Please get together and pray

I ask for your assistance, I want back up and I am not shy in asking for it.

Please pray for healing for Jenny, Jenny needs all of us.

I was about to leave this sight and I felt the urge to ask.

So father on behalf of Jenny I ask for healing for all she needs, I bring her before you as a new creation in Christ, show her your love and breath life into her body, soul and spirit.

AMEN people….

God bless

Today was instrumental on helping someone who really needed my father. The enemy wants to squash them but not on my watch.

Its amazing to me how he (our dad) has things strategically placed for such a time as this. We are in such a place to make sure people do not go before there time.

I believe his word, every single bit of it, so therefore I have an authority and a boldness because I know its not me, he is just using me.

Another person in the room felt someone (I believe an angel) hold there hand, he was very present today and I was walking on the moon, it was fantastic.

I love what he does, I don’t want to ever take the limelight, I just want people to hear him, I want my father to have a voice.

God bless everyone who requires him, let the light shine.

Today before the person left they said I feel at peace, I knew what my dad had done. I held there hands and said I stand in the gap on there behalf. Why? Because no one knows my dad like I do, he is my everything and my friend. I love him with everything I have and more.

He is also my husband my lover everything beautiful and that’s it for me….

God is good

Today I had a call from a guy who was feeling a little down. He is someone who I assist through work. I decided to be honest always and he was so happy that I did.

Now I always believe he has someone strategically placed for you, when you need someone. Also he is the grand architect he has your story written on scrolls that show your destiny.

I said those words to this man and the weight I could feel it life off him. I am strong in knowing that my fathers words have all power and authority.

God is so good to each one of us and we need to shout a cheer of joy.

We are the quiet majority, not the minority, everyday is surprising, its the view and how we view it that’s the key.

Get happy…………..