I have thought of a lot of inventions and really need to get myself doing them.

  1. Supermarket trolleys, I told them they should have a short one, especially for single shoppers.
  2. Mr Muscle touch and go, told a rep in the supermarket what to do and now they make it.
  3. Told a Microsoft employee to change Italics and fonts to the way, you would see them. You use to have to type something to figure out what it would look like. I even wrote it on paper for him to go back and tell his boss’s. (This was when my children were at primary school)
  4. Chemist had a display of a certain product, they wanted it to be very blingy, so I said to the girl to tell them to put it on a mirror and when the lights are on it will dazzle.

Seriously, I need to shut up or reap in a few royalties. LOL

Again my brain never stops.


Part of a song that keeps repeating in me

 What if God was one of us? Just a stranger on the bus, trying to make his way home.

What if God was sitting inside the homeless person you just passed?

What if God was the bus driver, or the person sitting next to you?

What if God was the stranger, trying to make his way home?

His home is where you ARE.

Inside YOU, when you let him in.

Again what if God was one of us?

Remember this when you are speaking to someone, offer them kindness and love.

Find the joy, he provides by this simple thing.

Night and sleep tight, let his loving arms hold you as you fall to sleep.

How brilliant is my father

I was sitting watching the movie Blindside.

How the Lord can make a lot of little things, add up to a great impact on me.

He is gentle, caring, loving and wonderful. He makes me sing and cry. He makes me feel so very special.

Today, I caught the bus to go down the street. I thought ok, get organized and go.

Everywhere I went I felt him, songs would come through the speakers. Songs that mean so much to me, you never have this happen.

It was like he was waiting for me, wanting me to know he was there. Wanting to know he has never left me or forsaken me.

By the time I got home, I was walking on cloud nine. I know by the look they gave me they knew something awesome was in their presence, when my father is with you anything can happen.

How brilliant is he to love me so much, to guide my path. I keep trying to express the love I have for him but I cannot come close.

Something so simple can speak volumes

Yesterday is was very hot here, before the change came in.

I rang a friend because it was so dry, I felt like I couldn’t breath. Their was no moisture in the air, so I went to a friend’s place who has an awesome air conditioner.

I felt the need to take up my lotions and sorts to give her a foot treatment.

Its funny but I am a late bloomer, a lot of the girly things I didn’t start doing until about 8 years ago. Better late than never, it was always an expense that I did not have the money for. And I have to say I was to embarrassed to ask encase people thought I was from another planet.

So when I felt gods prompting, I got out the scrubs, creams and water in a dish. I pumiced her feet, soaked them, scrubbed in the pumice cream, finished with soothing cream and a good foot massage.

I felt that the Lord wanted to honour her, so he used me and I have to say I enjoy making people happy. Even if its to do there feet, I know how much I love it, when someone wants to make me relax .

And my hands feel great, so there is a bonus. But something so simple can have such a big impact, I told her she needed to be honoured, I know that touched her heart, she knew the Lord was in on it.

Do something simple, you might be the one to get the biggest reward…

The human body

Have you ever taken the time to think about the human body.

How marvelous it is, I realized this one day when I was walking down stairs. How my body adjusted to work together in unison.

How you put fuel in and it gets rid of he waste. How you go in for a tune up, or adjustment and it just keeps on working.

I believe that it can heal itself, when my father steps in and you are in the right place to receive.

Most of the time our mind is the real key to the engine, it’s the computer that can either make it run efficiently or not. Example of eating junk food, we all know the right thing to do and we choose to ignore most of it.

When I think about my body, I think how marvelous my father was to think of it and all its working parts.

How he knew me from the very beginning like an invention and he knew how I was built, what I could be used for and how my end would be.

Think about you today.

Its so very hot

Today is supposed to be 44o and I can say is bring on Saturdays temperature.

I was thinking about the heat sometimes your under, to test your reserve.

Being hot, I will keep moving forward, like an army private, on the ground crawling every inch.

The point is to never give up….

He brings you to the end

This past year I have been on a journey.

I was naughty and trusting in the worlds system, more than his, so.

Back into the safe arms of my dad I go.

I was relying on the money and not leaning on him.

So back I go, to start again. Trusting that he has me in hand, that he will meet my needs.

And the rest will fall into place, trusting in his plan for my life.

So my trust is in you Lord not in man, and I lean not unto my own understanding, but my TRUST IS IN YOU.

Everyday is a journey

Everyday can be unexpected.

Really think about it, when something really hits home, did you expect it?

Never is usually the answer, I believe this year is awesome. Yes, I don’t know what is about to happen, but I am expecting amazing things.

This is going to be the year to change everything and I cannot wait.

I sit here feeling like a rocket about to go into space.


Realising your mistakes

I was discussing a subject very close to home the other day.

Realising the mistake, I made at the time. Learning from your mistakes and learning wisdom is hard, but as I have learned. Sometimes the hardest thing is to realise its YOU.

Yes I was in a situation before surrendering to the Lord, I tried to control my children’s father, when our relationship ended I wanted to punish him. For not doing or behaving the way I wanted him too.

Any of this sound familiar, when I realised that I was trying to punish him for the way, males in my family had behaved towards me. And how others had hurt me, when I realised that, I took on the relationship knowing he was that way.

He was an individual and had his own thoughts and morals, I was not his mother. Which I think we tend to behave towards men, when we have children.

I said to someone that, instead of hating him, I accepted him the way he is. Yes, I will not put up with certain behaviour, but I said, “That I love him for giving me, my children”.

This is a big comment, but a certain part of me does, for those precious adults that are walking around becoming the people they are destined to be. My beautiful children who are precious in his sight.

They are the way they are, partly from what I have drilled into them, the rest is what they have chosen themselves. But I cannot change that, I can stand my ground and let them know what I believe and ask for respect as their mum.

But really, I cannot change anything. But I know my father is changing me….