Know the truth

This should be it for today.

But I leave you with, KNOW THE TRUTH.

The truth of his word and how much power is over your life.

You have to do the work, if nothing is working then maybe you need to change the way your doing it.

But do not ever give up and walk away, for your end is on the line.


Fight for life

A friends sister in-law was told that she may have bowel cancer.

My instant reaction knowing she had been such a blessing to another friend when her husband and this ladies brother was dying.

Bugger that for a joke, not gonna happen.

I started saying the healing scriptures on behalf of myself and her.

Then I took dominion over it and text my friend a message from the Lord.

Outcome, just had a blockage, which has been removed. A condition she has or had, had a glitch.

So fight for life, say the right keys to push the enemy out of your life.

The biggest KEY is believe……

Know what is acceptable

At my friends wedding I found a strength that shocked me.

For all my life I have accepted man’s comments toward me. ┬áVulgar ones you know the kind if your female.

The ones that are suppose to impress, especially if you have been single for a while.

I had a man sit next to me, the table thought I was in my 30’s but finding out I was single and nearly 50 at the end of the year. Ooops the cats out of the bag lol.

He said that he would like to take me home and do unspeakable things to me. My self worth finally showed up.

I said to him, that is uncalled for and I would in no way shape or form tolerate that comment. I am a lady and that comment is one to make me never want to be in your presence ever.

He tried to apologise, but no, enough. Then he tried another tack, no. I ate my meal and exited stage right. I moved away and chatted to friends, I was asked to drive him to the station by the groom.

He was told that I wanted nothing to do with a scum-bag..

Power of knowing what I am worth and what I will take nothing less than finally being treated with respect, this is a huge thing for me.

Yahoo, never felt so powerful

Never think your not worthy

Sometimes we believe the lies, we get told them every day.

Sometimes from those closet to us, but mostly from those we meet or the world tries to tell us something else from what is real.

I am worthy of great things and I am going to take it with force. I am not wasting any more time, regardless of what is going on. Its become a mission, like the blues brothers.

I try and add something funny to what I am doing, so I don’t forget.

So don’t forget your worth and fight for it.

God has a destiny for me and I am sick and tired of wasting any more time…

Fight for your right

There are different kinds of fighting.

Growing up, my parents had physical fighting. There is back stabbing fighting, you know what I mean with this.

But are you fighting for your right?

What am I on about.. Your right to have the life that God wants and has for you.

The good life, the one that is full of miracles and joy. I want it so bad, and that I am going to have. So again watch this space, because I am going to fight for my right and what has been stolen, will by the grace of God be restored to me.

Seven fold and with interest, never ever forget the interest.

Go for it, what have YOU got to loose…

Quiet times are the best

Some think that when nothing is happening, that they need to do something.

Really, I believe as long as you are praying and worshipping him by reading the word, then things are happening.

In the heavens, it has to happen first, then prayer and your actions will bring it down.

So when its quiet, think of the poem, Footprints.

Lord where were you when I needed you, his reply. I was carrying you.

So again, when its quiet. Amazing things are going on.

Keep the faith

Marriage, yahooo

A friend in my church waited 16yrs for the one.

The one God had planned for her and he is lovely.

Sometimes its very simple.

Not what you want, but what you neeed.

He treats me as a big sister and I bag him lots, but you can see how he much he not only loves her but how he was a Gentile and was attracted to her light.

He was baptised along with others on Saturday and the journey to watch has given me inspiration.

So every day I read the list of prayer for my husband to come.

I will keep you posted.

Time is here

Ages ago I went on about we were running out of time.

Well I have to tell you that I have learned, its here.

A time for miracles and signs and wonders.

Do you want to be part of that? Well get off your butt, stop the excuses and move out of your own way.

God is showing up in great ways and I want to be part of it, don’t you?

I am ready the word every morning and night. Trust me when I say, I have enough excuses not too.

But things have changed and things are happening. I cannot list them all, but if you move, he will.

I did think, oh yeah, really!! But don’t wait any longer for its available for you.

Be blessed.

Miracles do happen…

I have had pain coming from my back since 2009 and I have been in that much pain that I wanted to be either hit by a bus or train to stop it.

The pain was that bad it would drop me to my knees every time and I would be in tears, screaming for help.

So on Monday at prayer meeting, after saying right enough taking the bull by the balls.

We were praying for specific things mine was my back and then employment.

My Pastor wife and others their prayed for me, again as before this guttural growl came forth. I started telling it to get out, I knew that it was demonic and had to go. I have never in my life screamed with such force.

I also had a hand on my back that was hot, my kidneys have also been a problem but guess what.

I HAVE NO PAIN, I believe that I am healed.

To sleep and not been woken because of it is the most wonderful gift in the world.

Healing can be yours, I have belief and that is faith in again.