Gods grace is more precious than anything else…

In life when you get past a huge road block do you thank him.

Do you spend time, thanking him for guiding your life. Saving you from disaster and encouraging you to go on.

I have to say sometimes I can miss a day, which as we know can turn into a week etc. We need to spend time in prayer, we need to be about his business, so he can be about ours.

Why would he give to someone who is not putting in? I am spending time praying, worshipping how great he has been to me.

I encourage you to do the same, it doesn’t matter if its 5 min or 5 hrs but make a point of putting him first. The love I feel right now is awesome.

The other night a word came through me to the group, “Spend time in me, I will break the strongholds and bring those things that are high will be brought down. When you are wise spending time in me, I will change those things.”

Dont let your day be so busy that you miss out on him, he is the first priority in your life. With out him where would I be? LOST comes to mind, but seriously. The last few weeks I have been getting Time-Tithe-Task, a lot of people just think turning up and giving their tithe is enough, but do you see the key here. TIME is first, tithe second and task can be a simple call to someone he puts on your mind.

His gracious love is pure, he hates you idolising other gods because he is the beginning and the end. He is grace is so precious to me, let him be to your life.