Threatened hmmm

Many times in my life, I have been threatened, by someone. But on these occasions, even though it was shocking, I saw the work of the enemy.

And what do I do, time and time again, because I am his, his word, instantly goes into practice.

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but principalities and powers of darkness of this age.

So, I growl and say to myself “RIGHT”, you see you have to know how to fight.

I will not go out without making noise, I will not do anything illegal or physical unless I have to protect myself, but I will fight.

When the battle is on, do you run, or watch and work out how to FIGHT.

Think about it…pray about it


When you do NOT LISTEN

Many times over and over the same things are being said, either in church or by his people.

You may have stated this fact, but really ARE YOU LISTENING to what is being said.

Time and time again, we listen but DO NOT get what we are suppose to receive and down load.

So, I must say it again as I am being prompted too.


For the consequences are dire….

God wants us on our knees

I strongly believe the only way through is on our knees.

This has been strong ever since this bug started.

He knows the works of the enemy, he knows what is going to happen for it tells you in the word, how they will want to put chips in us and want us to renounce what we believe.

It is all coming, BUT you have the opportunity to act NOW.

Many might not like president Trump, but God put him there for his purpose, so take his medicine.

You may not like Prime minister Morrison, but God put him there for his purpose and really YOU GOTTA TAKE IT, for we do not see what he sees.

WE do not know it all, so TRUST, trust that the working of the father is at hand and set up for us to move forward.

We are getting ready for the very best, but the worlds worst, so chin up and smile.

As it says, they may fall but no plague shall come near you.


Where’s your value

I could not think of anything else and he put these words to me to ask YOU.

Where IS your value, what is most important to you, if you had to leave what would you take with you.

Now I know, he will provide all my needs, once I saw in a vision, I just picked up my favourite dressing gown and left.

Because nothing holds any value, he does, but nothing else, I think that is why I haven’t ever wanted riches of the world, nothing moves me.

My value is that he put me here for such a time as this, I don’t have to fear, be anxious or worry.

He will take care of all of it, all I have to do is say, I surrender my all to Jesus.

And stand on it, when it comes to the end, I must not fail…

How he shows his love

Its funny but the words I have been saying are coming to pass, to show the evidence of just how much I love him, as he loves me.

Many times, I have seen people love all the nice stuff in the world, yes looks pretty BUT really can you take it with you. And when it comes down to it, will it stop you from your destination.

I was recently looking around, and nothing holds a candle to the love of my father.

I have a picture printed and stuck on my linen press door, its central in my home and I go past, kiss my fingers and slap it on him, I say with all I have, “I love ya, Lord with all I have and all I am”.

When it comes to the crunch like it is now, really nothing will protect you. NOTHING, but he will cover you with his wings.

I saw Madonna rambling in a bath of all places, she said and I loved this one statement, “It doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t care if your rich, young or old, nothing will protect you”.

How true, when times like these come, you know WHO is in CHARGE. And I love it, reality check time people.


A time like this

Watching Sid Roth and hearing what I have been seeing over the last week or two is so humbling.

This is when you know what your made of, this is when you dip into the data base of HIS word and put it into action.

For his word is alive.

He is alive.

He is real.

He is mine…love you father, love you Yeshua, love you Holy Spirit

Fear is a liar

I will say this again and again, when others fear, I laugh at the situation.

When the songs come, I sing and sing LOUD.

For it is well with my SOUL, it is well with my SPIRIT, it is well because I know my father has me.

So, again DO YOU REALLY LOVE ME, his question a few weeks ago.

For if you love, you TRUST, you STAND and will not be moved and have no fear of arrest or death.

When your at that place, nothing else matters.

SO be blessed in that knowledge…and DO NOT believe the enemy’s lies.

Virus cure…

Joy of the Lord, total belief of his word.

Know where you stand and stand on his word as his breath.

Every time I see the news, I laugh, not at anything other than knowing my dad is in CHARGE.

Praise, joy, laughter, and commonsense is my cure. Knowing my dad, no false God’s, only him.

The ONE TRUE GOD of all, because when the shit hits the fan, only God will save you.

Its time for your foundation to be shaken, and remove the false gods in your life, whether it be money, material possessions.

I call my harvest in, my harvest of faith, my harvest of what was stolen, the restitution of it all.



God has had enough, if you are reading this read Psalm 91.

If you let fear overtake you, you give in.

I will not allow the enemy any room, for GOD so loved the world he gave his son.

He is shaking YOUR foundation, to get YOUR attention.

So quit it, and pray no plague will touch you.

Listen to Sid Roth with Tracy Cooke, you will understand more.

I have been getting 38 degrees Celsius would disperse it, they said it, I have been pleading the blood of Jesus on my house physically going around and doing so.

I have seen him empty hospitals, his blood is going to move all false GOD’s in your life, this could include money.

He will bring judgement on the enemy and reveal the truth, his people will stand up and be seen and the light of him will shine.

His time has come…